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Thread: Can A Previous Winner Win Again?

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    I truly think that if they were going to have previous winners on with an 18 person game that there should have been a tribe will all 6 winners on it. IF you don't think that previous winners should come back then you shouldn't complain about the castaways coming back from Pearl Islands cause after all they were "voted off". And eveyrone except those 6 plus Sandra have been voted out of the US edition

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    don't forget Paschal... he wasn't voted off either, or Mike Skupin for that fact.

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    Considering that they won once they certainly can do it again although the odds are against it. There are people like Rob C. or Jonny Fairplay who make it to the end despite all odds, deflecting attention away from themselves. The previous winners could use that strategy but everyone will be playing now as they all know the drill. If there winds up being a lot of conflict and arguments so votes are cast in that way, someone like Ethan or Tina could go far but they would need some help. In the end I think whoever helped them would cut them off; in a final two a previous winner could lose several votes simply for winning $1 million already and not be given a chance at another $2 million.
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    You just never know with this game. Sometimes the annoying people go first, due to personality clashes. Sometimes it's the stronger ones who pose the biggest physical threat. And this time they just might target the previous winners for early eviction. Who knows?

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    I have a feeling that the winners will have a huge bulls eye on their backs. Jenna and Richard being the first ones to go...Tina then Ethan next. Of course my personal feelings are mixed in here.
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    Dave Cullen
    Nothing is impossible, but the odds are stacked heavily against them.

    And Colby probably has it just as bad. He'll be more of a target than Tina.

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    I will not be a very happy person if a winner wins again They've already won once! Go away and let someone else win. *sigh* If Ethan hadn't already won, I'd cheer for him, but since he has, I am NOT cheering for him!

    A winner would be the first person I'd boot if they were on my tribe.

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    I'm with everyone else who says they don't stand a chance. If they're smart, the four winners will form an early alliance. If they don't, though (and probably even if they do) then they'll go. Of course, in order to form an alliance they'd all have to make it to the merge (if it happens) and THAT won't happen, so I say no way in heck.

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    Nope. Amber has a better chance, and that's not saying much.

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    You never can tell with this game, but I sure hope not. Ican't imagine what Burnett might come up with to make them have a chance-I think there must be something that will happen to keep all prior winners from being voted off first as it would be anyone's natural reaction to get rid of these people ASAP.
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