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Thread: Survivor: What Now for Penny Ramsey?

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    “You should be glad that I didn’t bring along my friends from Miami,” Gil continued, “they are REALLY boring!”

    I alone am the editing barrier between you and more gratuitous Jan swimsuit shots! Now be quiet and observe.”

    The Ghost was truly frustrated now. “Do you even know what Kinesiology is?” He asked.

    “Well, no, but I am sure it has something to do with cheerleading.” I responded much more confidant than I felt.”

    “Honey, you can’t pick Gwen…my gosh, her forehead is bigger than mine even, and many scientists thought that wasn’t possible…”

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    Awesome job, Bill!

    I really liked the following:

    Yet, in only a few short weeks, she was viewed by her fellow tribe mates as a schemer, backstabber, fake, suspected grave robber, and… perhaps most damning… lacking in any knowledge of recipes.
    Suspected grave robber.... I knew it!

    She eventually releases a DVD with Jan. It sells a lot of copies and goes gold. Special Cheers to Soothe the Recently Departed Critters in Your Neighborhood ” was the name they went with.”

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