From the Star Telegram:

'Survivor' Watch

North Texans also took a hit on Survivor: Thailand, as Penny Ramsey of Plano became the 10th contestant voted out of the game. Things aren't looking good for Jake Billingsley of Dallas, either -- he's the last remaining member of Ramsey's old tribe, which has been getting picked off one by one in recent weeks. But darn if ol' Jake didn't come alive Thursday night, with the kind of manipulation we've come to expect from Survivor players but weren't getting all that much of this season. And this episode, which also featured a Thai feast, a bit of a travelogue and a gaseous elephant, was a little more lively than the past two outings. Fort Worth native Jan Gentry is hanging around, too -- and it's a pretty good bet she'll at least make it to the final four.
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Slouching Toward a Million on 'Survivor: Thailand'
Thu, Nov 21, 2002 11:48 PM PDT

by Rick Porter
Zap2it, TV News

LOS ANGELES ( - If we learned one thing from watching Thursday's (Nov. 21) installment of "Survivor: Thailand," it was -- uh ...

Let's see here ... hmm. Well, Penny was voted off. Oh, yeah, and Brian doesn't like elephants too much.

Honestly, that was about all. Also, Thai men are expected to spend one year as monks. And Clay is a butt man -- but that was more of a reminder than a revelation.
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From the CBS Early Show:

Penny Played Out

(CBS) There are only five episodes of Survivor: Thailand remaining, and as one contestant says, "The fat lady might not be singing, but she is warming up." And the fat lady sang for Penny Ramsey, 27, from Plano, Texas.

In an episode where the outcome surprised all, the Chuay Gahn continued singling out the remaining members of the Sook Jai to oust from the island. Jake was called the "snake" by Brian and Clay, while Ted noted that Penny's charm was fooling no one.
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Penny Not Saved

Clay gets to the matter of the bottom. Little Clay is butt fixated, says Dalton Ross, Big Ted is now Medium Ted, and -- oh, yeah -- Penny's gone.

Ah, the bait-and-switch -- a time honored Mark Burnett tradition. He went to the well again for the latest ''Survivor'' episode, practically pounding you over the head the entire episode -- Jake's gonna go, Jake's a goner, it's gonna be Jake. So of course, you KNEW it wasn't gonna be Jake at all, which left us with… Penny. We could talk about Penny now, but frankly, she hasn't really done anything worth talking about, so we'll get to her later.
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