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Thread: Where do you rate S7?

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    S7 rates pretty high on my book.

    1. Palua Tiga - None can match the original, imo.
    2. Pearl Islands - It started kind of slow because of Morgan losing challenge after challenge, though. Still the twists, alliance-swapping, the villain, even the whiny scoutmaster, and a likeable winner made this show fun for me.
    3. Amazon - It was exciting having the women vs the men, and then it turned into the "pretty" vs the average. Wished Matt had won, but I was okay with Jenna winning.
    4. Marquesas - It sucked that Vee won, but I loved how the weaker ones grouped together to bring down John's empire.
    5. Australian Outback - Would've been better if Colby won. Didn't like a lot of the contestants.
    6. Thailand - Ghandia..ugh!! Duuuude, cracked me up, though.
    7. Africa - Most boring season ever.

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    S7 is up there as one of my best.....I liked everything but the twist of the outcasts, but it did make it interesting. S7 started out strong with the being tossed off the boat, it had a great disgusting villien, it had several interesting people who made for good TV watching. The winner was someone who didn't make me scream at the TV.

    I also really enjoyed S1, S6 (but hated that winner) and S5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    I guess i am in the minority thinking S6: the amazon was great. I thought all the contestants were interesting, it had a great twist(girl vs boys) and had alot of great turns to keep me guessing. I was probably lucky i never read the spoiler it would be matt and jenna f2 though.

    I think alot of people were turned off in the final outcome and rate it lower then it should be.
    No, you're not in the minority. A lot of us liked Amazon but my guess is that they haven't come out and said it.

    That being said here's my list!

    S2 because it was great cast and I had 5 favorites! My favorite, Liz, finished 4th, not too bad.
    S6 because of Dave, the sexiest guy ever on this show, and it was so interesting! I loved how none of the boots after the merge were predictable. Well, except for Dave's but I tried to block that out.
    S7 because it was a great cast, as well. I loved the entire Morgan Final 4 alliance but of course none of them even made the F3. I loved the pirate theme and the unpredictability. But, of course, I hated the twist and seeing Lill's horrible sour puss face over and over again! She still went in day 9 in my opinion.
    S1 because I didn't see it all so it's not as high as it might be and I don't remember anyone premerge.
    S4 because it was an entertaining season. My favorite, Neleh, finished the highest a favorite has ever finished, 2nd place, and probably would've won it if it weren't that stupid jury being so bitter. Because of that, Vecrapia, the worst winner ever, won.
    S3 because it was boring! It had a great and entertaining cast but an extremely boring and predictable F4. Put this cast on any other season and it would've been awesome! I had 4 favorites this season, three of them from Samburu, which was the losing tribe, by a lot considering T Bird only made F5. She was my 4th favorite. At least this season had a good winner.
    S5 because it was a terrible season. The twist ended up being the undoing of the two favorites I had and the F4 was horribly predictable and that F2 was the worst F2 to date. I hated Brian yet I cheered for him to win because I hated Clay so much more.

    There you have it!

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    Hated the S5 twist... so... pointless unless it was a plan to get Shii-Ann (not to mention my FAVORITE asian pride* ) out

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    I'm just curious...what is it about S2 that some of you liked so much? I thought it was good (certainly much better than S3, S4, S5) but not my favorite. I keep seeing it listed as many people's favorite and wondering what the draw was.

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    I think it was the cast too .
    It is still my fave, followed by S1,S3 then S7
    4,5,6 did nothing at all for me

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    1. S2
    2. S3 (yes, I liked Africa)
    2. S7
    4. S6
    5. S4
    6. S5


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    second all time favorite Darrah,
    Huh? Did she ever have more than 2 lines in an entire show? (don't think she had 2 lines until the finale).

    Also, as for deserving winners, Tina "I outsmarted nobody" is as undeserving winner as there has ever been. That being said it was still a very good show thanks to some of the other characters.

    I've loved all the survivor shows, but Africa was the most boring (teaching kids hacky sack? sitting around in dirt all day...although there was some gay/anti gay tension early plus that young vs old which was interesting). Thailand could make an argument for the worst, but Clay was enjoyable and you gotta love the Ghandia drama. LoL

    I'd put this show #2 after the original and that's thanks to Rupert and the great Johnny Fairplay.

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    I didn't watch enough of season one to rank it, so, that excluded, here's my rankings:

    1. Austrailian Outback - the characters were interesting (still missing Michael Scupin), the environment added to the excitement (rather than making it boring i.e. Africa), and the challenges were exciting because they hadn't been overused yet. That Tina won is a slight drawback to a great season. Stupid, bitter Jerri.

    2. Pearl Islands - fully enjoyed the Pirate theme, lots of favorite characters (Rupert, Sandra, Ryano), and I love Jeff's attitude as it slowly becomes angrier and meaner. Added plus that the person I wanted to win did win. But many of the challenges weren't as good and the reward treasure chest really sucked.

    3. Amazon - Great characters, bad winner. In third place due to Matt alone.

    4. Marquesas - Horrid winner, fabulous coup. Love the way the strategy of the hatchet challenge changed the way the game is played.

    5. Africa - worst location ever. An animal preserve? Idiots. Lex was great, though, and I liked Ethan winning (at the time).

    6. Thailand - I didn't even watch the last half. Couldn't hold my interest. I really didn't like Bryan, great player or not.
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    My ordering:

    1. Amazon - Loved the twists and turns. RobC showed the world how the next generation of Survivor players could play the game. Even the disappointing Jenna victory was in keeping with the total unpredictability of the season.

    2. Pulau Tiga - The novelty and excitement surrounding the first season will always make it a favorite. It's kind of like Star Wars. I like The Empire Strikes Back better, but Star Wars still holds a special place in my heart and without, ESB wouldn't have existed.

    3. Pearl Islands - Excellent characters, some clever strategizing, and a satisfying conclusion. Great series.

    4. Marquesas - The Coconut Chopping Challenge of Doom episode remains one of the best Survivor episodes ever. Finally, the little people figured out how to knock off the "dominant" alliance. Too bad Vee wound up winning the whole thing.

    5. Outback - Fun characters, great location, and lots of amazingly bad curveballs from the elements. But none of these guys could really play the game, with the possible exception of Michael and Jeff, who left too early. Kucha remains my all-time favorite Survivor tribe, and Michael is THE MAN!

    6. Africa - The group suffered too much to truly strategize. Everyone seemed cranky all the time. The game took some interesting turns, but overall, I was unimpressed.

    7. Thailand - Ugh. Eight straight Sook Jai boots?!? Brian was a great player, but his stranglehold on the game, which was accentuated by the pathetic play of those around him, made for some extremely boring television.
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