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Thread: proposed twists for future series

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    But wouldn't it break the tradition of '16 stragers' forced to work together? actually I perfer at it is now
    Not necessarily, the game would have 15 strangers instead of 16. The only person whom you would know would be the other half of your couple.

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    As a pre-merge twist, what if the tribe that lost immunity got to permanently swap one player with the immunity winning tream (on the condition that the new tribe member was immune for that evening's TC)? This could lead to some interesting pre-merge strategies for the post merge....

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    The couples twist sounds interesting, but I don't think anyone I know would ever try it with me so... noooo!!!

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    Last night I was thinking of the possibility of not having a merge at all. Then the final survivor from each tribe would go to the final tribal council.

    The only problem would be the jury. They could attend all tribal councils, so they would know what's going on, but there would be exactly half from each tribe. There's a possibility of a tie. However, it could be interesting to see if you were hated on your tribe, and they voted for the other person just for spite. You'd have to play the game as "likeable" as possible to get the votes.

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