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Thread: Survivor: Pirate Report (Final Four) - How to Lose the Game in Two Easy Steps

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    Thanks Bill!!!

    I cannot believe that Sunday is the finale. Damn! I swear, this Survivor flew...and I'm really going to miss everyone in these threads.
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    great pirate report, bill. thanks for the read!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    The one thing about Darrah that is true, is that she seems to stay on a very even keel all through the game. It even holds true during immunity challenges where she works methodically and quickly, but never indecisively.
    She is definitely calm under pressure and doesn't seem to panic or get flustered. You have to give her points for that.

    Another season of fine reports Bill. Thanks.

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    ref guy
    Great report Bill, but I think your wrong about Darrah loosing to any body in F2

    Darrah beats Lill 7-0
    Darrah beats JFP 6-1, Burton for JFP
    Darrah beats Sandra 4-3 Ryno, Tijuana, Lill, for Darrah, and swingman Burton

    Ryno no brainer even though she betrayed him slightly
    Tijuana no brainer
    Lill thought Darrah was #4 of there alliance
    Burton is the swingman. He has nothing for both of them other than Darrah may have been considered the #4. He will ultimately make it based on the IC challanges the she beat him head to head.

    Darrah has won this, Game, Set, & Match Support DISC
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    I think that if he had told Lil what she wanted to hear that night, as far as the game goes at least, then she never would have opened up to Darrah and Sandra, which set the chain in motion that led to Burtonís elimination.
    Since Day 1 I tried to rationalize Lillís often irrational behavior, trying to justify why sheís even on this show. But after she did a Savage on Burton, I was convinced that my gut dislike of her was not totally unfounded. Lill has played this game emotionally, by basing her actions on how fellow Survivors had tugged at her heartstrings. With Andrew and Burton, her vote was based on vindictiveness, stemming from her paranoia of betrayal. If Burton had given her the answer that would assure her of an F2 spot, and if after winning the RC camping trip he had picked her company, I bet you Rupertís skirt that Burton would still be on the islands. You see, itís become quite obvious that Lill is not someone to cross because in this game of Survivor she lets her heart rule. Of course, when Lillís heart got broken, Andrew and Burton had to pay the price.

    Burton should not be allowed to make post-eviction speeches, as the old arrogant Burton came out, and I was laughing out loud as he slammed on Lil for breaking alliances. Uhm, who did you vote for last week Burton?
    In The Early Show, Burton explained that his Lill vote was a result of his pre-TC knowledge that Lill was no longer on his side. So he just did what he had to do.

    Bill, kudos for another lovely analysis. You can look forward to a nice breather after Sunday!
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    Thank you, Bill !!!!

    Excellent reads and analyses. See you after and during AS Survivor, I hope.

    I have only one small disagreement do not think Jon is the next likely boot. That's too easy

    Jon and Darrah ... and maybe even Lil are smart enough to realize that Sandra will probably be the hardest to beat before the jury.

    Jon's and Darrah's first choice for F2 seatmate is Lil. As for Lil, Darrah is the only one she will feel she can trust, so she'll attach to her.

    Thus it is Sandra, not Jon who MUST win immunity to stay because she is at the top of the hit list. If anybody else wins IC, Sandra will go.

    If she doesn't win immunity, she will try to get Darrah out, but Lil won't vote against D ... or Sandra will try to force a tie ( Sandra has no votes against her.)

    If Sandra does win immunity, Jon will be the 2nd choice boot, he'll try to turn it but will not succeed because Lil will not vote Darrah.

    Thanks again !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    *sniff* Our last Pirate Report until S8, eh?

    I didn't think of it that way...maybe you can do one last pirate report, i.e., Why So -And-So Won. Please?
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    True, maybe he'll just do an "I guess that didn't work" section

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    Great report, Bill, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the effort you put into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ref guy
    Great report Bill, but I think your wrong about Darrah loosing to any body in F2
    Well, I didn't say that I said she could beat Lil.

    I think she loses to Sandra. Rupert, Jon, Christa, and Lil would vote for Sandra in my opinion. Simply because the only way I see Darrah getting there is by winning the final challenge, and choosing Sandra, which means she dumps Lil, and we have seen how Lil responds to such things. But it would be a close vote. No assurances that the Morgans would stay loyal either, as rejected Rhino might jump ship to the perceived better player. I think Tijuana is likely a strong Darrah supporter.

    Every season though there folks who vote in ways that surprise you.

    **edited to fix stupid sentence
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