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Thread: What would you ask?

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    What would you ask?

    If you were asking questions at the "tell-all" show on Sunday, who and what would you ask questions about?

    Personally, I'm curious about whether Sandra suspected Jon's gramma was alive.

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    I'm closing this thread until after midnight. It's too open for spoiler info.

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    open 4 business ...

    I would ask Jon about his granny and Burton about his parting speech .

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    Burton's final speech ranks up there in the stupid things to say and he really should be called on it at the reunion show. And I hope they really rake jon over the coals for the really Big Lie.
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    Osten - why was he even there?

    Jon - the whole Fairplay shtick and grandma.

    Lill - everything she did.

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    I also think I'd ask Christa and Ryano why the hated each other? And if they made up in the jury house?

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    Lill - was playing the dotty old grandma part of your plan? What possessed you to tongue dive into Burton?

    Sandra - How many of what looked like your voting "mistakes" were deliberate? (voting for Jon when Rupe got the boot, for example) Did you really go all out to win ICs, because it didn't usually look like it.

    Darrah - Did you really trust your alliance with Jon? Why was it only after your original tribe was gone that you went on an IC tear?

    Jon - Where exactly do you think you'll find a job now that most of us know what a lying, scheming, misogynist pig you are? Oh, and how's gramma?

    Burton - What exactly was it about yourself that makes you believe you have more of a right to be in the finals than anyone else? You got two chances and blew both of them, yet still you whine that you were wronged. Is there something we don't know about that gave you the impression you had an automatic pass to F2?

    Tijuana - Post-merge, you seemed to just not care much about the game. Was it because Andrew got booted or were you just so used to laying around doing nothing that it was too hard to actually get your head back in the game?

    Shawn - Do you think dropping those weights in the IC was critical to your eventual oust? You got beat by a girl, you know.

    Christa - We heard you plan to boot Rupert and Sandra, yet they were your friends and you claimed them as your true allies. Would you really have stuck with them to the end? Honestly!

    Ryan - You seemed to take getting voted off fairly good-naturedly. Was there one person you wished you had aligned yourself with more firmly? I know you said that no one wanted to make deals with you and you were dead in the water, but was that because you didn't feel like trying after Andrew got kicked out or because you really honestly couldn't connect to anyone?

    Rupert - No question, just wanted to say I loved the way you played the game with all of your heart. Just smile more often.

    As for the others...

    Andrew - knowing now what you do about other members of your original tribe (glaring at Osten), would you have changed the way you pushed the initial votes?

    Nicole - I'd ask what you learned, but I think it's obvious. If not, ask T.

    SkinnyRyan - Perhaps bulking up a bit before the show might have been smart? I think you played energetically but for whatever reason, your tribe viewed you as physically useless. In hindsight, was there anything you would have done differently (more active role in food search?) to prove them wrong?

    Osten - Wouldn't waste one breath asking him anything, there isn't a single thing he could say that would interest me.

    Michelle - Regret the alliance/coconut milk with Burton and Shawn?

    Trish - Regret scheming against Rupert so soon?

    Who am I missing?

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    I also would ask Michelle and Burton if there was a lil somethin somethin goin on at Loser Lodge before the outcasts came back.

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    I would ask Burton and Lill if the twist really was as unfair as it appeared. What were the conditions like before they returned. Did they have a room to themselves, a comfortable bed, running water, and better food that was served to them? Were they able to talk to each other and form strategies? Did they have any information on what the challenge would be? It was very convenient that they had all of those scraps of purple cloth to use in the challenge. Didn't they cheat in the challenge by using material that was unavailable to the other teams?

    I would ask Rupert why he chose to get rid of RyanO instead of Jon.

    I would ask Sandra and Christa why on earth they broke their agreement with Darrah and T to get rid of Burton. How could they believe anything Jon said.

    I would ask Darrah and Lill why it took them so long to realize they could not trust Burton and Jon and that they were playing for 3rd place.

    I would ask Jon if he was playing for second place. Surely he didn't think anyone would vote for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pink_princess
    You seem to fault a lot of people just for playing the game.
    You can't be all happy fun time on Survivor and still win, it rarely happens.
    I'd ask Burton if he regretted taking Jon on the reward challenge when he could have taken Darrah and avoided giving Sandra time to work the girls into a frenzy.

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