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Thread: Ken Interview

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    Ken Interview

    Ken was interviewed for a while on my local morning radio zoo.

    He comes across as a very likeable guy. Obviously he is already being coached in preparation for his new career in film or TV, but he does seem pretty level headed about it.

    Tidbits I found interesting:

    1) Regarding the treatment of Shii Ann. He felt that she was treated poorly by Penny specifically, but that "Shii Ann brought all of it on herself".

    2) He indicated that he had a big brother talk, ala Robb, with Shii Ann early on, and let her know that she was digging her own voting grave. He actually said that he tried to have talks like that with a lot of people who were becoming, as he put it "the center of attention". He said he kept reminding them that they were playing for a million dollars, and that a month from then, no one would care about the petty stuff.

    3) He made a very funny joke about Magilla. When asked about being on the jury, he said, in a low wispering voice "The monkey sent me..." You had to be there I guess, but it had me laughing in the car.

    4) The Loser Lodge is a bungalow on a beach, and they spent their days swimming, hiking, biking, and eating.

    5) When the local talent indicated to him that there would be a future in action movies for him, ala Die Hard and that genre, he laughed and said that it was amazing, but that is the recommendation he is hearing from everyone he talks too.

    6) He thought the Bachelor should have stuck with Gwen... okay, I made that last part up.
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    Sounds like they have fun at the lodge.

    I think the publicity shots we saw of Ken show his intent is to move into the entertainment field in one way or another.

    Thanks for posting the details Bill.

    Even though you did make it up, he is right about Aaron and Gwen.
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    Thanks for the recap Bill.

    Always nice to hear some Ken-info.

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