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Thread: SurvivorPhoenix claims to know the final 2 *Spoilers*

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    I fear for my neighbors' ears if that L person wins. I can't even say her name anymore, she makes me so nuts. And of the other two, the only one who's bothered to even work for anything is Sandra, so if ol' mumbly jumbly is in F2, it will be purely out of luck and the tribe turning against itself.

    On the bonus side, Burton the Pig and Jon the Jackass will have been voted off, and those will be weeks I cherish.

    What a depressing final 2, especially considering one of those two in either case should never have been allowed to be there. Andrew is going to go ballistic.

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    At this point in the game- i cant say i honestly want any of the remaining knuckleheads to win. I'd be disappointed no matter what two names were revealed for F2. I'm holding out hope that Sandra and Jon have a secret alliance- that way at least one of the final players would have incorporated some sort of strategy.

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    After tonight's show I'm thinkin' that maybe the spoiler is not all that bad afterall.


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    I read a spoiler before the show even started which one of those two wins, the blabbermouth was her mother.

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    If that is the case, then this year will replace Africa as my most hated season.

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    John, I do hope your info is wrong somehow. *crosses fingers and prays*

    I read on SNN a while back that they believed
    Click to see Spoiler:
    was the winner. It seems that a betting site had a whole bunch of bets on this person, so they had to suspend betting. I think it was the same betting site that had many bets on Matthew and Jenna last season. We know how that turned out. I am hoping this is true, because of the two possible scenarios, I would much rather see this person win...

    Better yet, let Rupert come back and take it all!
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    Ugh. The only good thing is JFP (Fairplay my a**) isn't in there. Not much consolation, though.

    And we are up for a truly ugly final TC as well.
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    I don't know what to think, although I hope it isn't entirely true. Last year the Jenna/Matthew spoiler made it more enjoyable for me in a way because it seemed so far-fetched that I thought of many possible scenarios (although the 6-1 vote was total crap). Here, there is so little time to redeem either player (or even make them start to play in Darrah's case) that it would be a disappointment. If it is true, I hope the others don't go down quietly.
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    Okay,, I'm new to the spoiler browsing, but.. so far I can't say it's *not* all bad.

    as far as this thread is concerned..

    One of the two mentioned has no business being there. (hopefully, the production team has paid attention to fan feedback)

    The other? Sure, why not? Not even close to my personal favorite, but a far cry from Jenna "She's grown on me a little since the first show, but no NO way does she win,, right?" Morasca.

    As a sports fan, I follow the NBA Trailblazers,, when they inevitably lose in the first couple rounds of the playoffs.. My next move is to merely root for whoever is matched against my least favorite / hated team(s). Lakers, anyone?

    If Burton hadn't been unfairly ressurected, he'd still be here. John, I think, is obvious. Cheers to anyone who can knock them out. Hope it happens.
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    wow that's surprising

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