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Thread: Recap - Ep 8 Ryno - Endangered Species.

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    to Bill, I loved that quote, myself!

    Great title, great recap, great job!

    Sorry, I have no time to quote, I have to go to class really soon, but I did definitely enjoy it and it put me in a good mood that will quickly vanish the moment I step into my math class, but oh well! Whatever helps, right?

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    T is finding out that all is not as it first seemed with the ex-Drakes. She thought the Drake tribe were “like this”, she crosses her fingers to symbolize their closeness, rather like the way Jon would signify a major leg injury to alter ego ‘Jonny Fairplay’, “After that body slam I was all twisted up like that , dude”.

    Great job, fluff!

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    Always great, but this one is special to me *sob*
    Loved the title

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    Nice recap.

    Since you paid such close attention to detail, I felt a need to point out one little observation from the show which has to do with editing to promote the storylines.

    Right after Ryno and Burton finish discussing alliances and Burton is wearing the scuba mask, he jumps into the water. Before he catches the stingray, we get a shot from below of Burton starting to swim with his scuba mask. But he's clean shaven. In the next instant he has the full beard as he zeroes in on the stingray.

    The only point here is that MB's editing team cut bits & pieces from all over the place to keep the story flowing.

    Someone earlier (I believe on another thread) mentioned that while in the middle of a reward or immunity challenge, that one instant had something broken and in the following instant it was magically repaired.

    There's no conspiracy ... it's just that something got edited out of sequence before the show aired, but it ultimately didn't affect the flow of the story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Just when I’m hoping he’ll whip off his pants to reveal frilly underwear and a garter and give Rupert a lap dance, he produces a small iced bun from under a stray piece of fabric at his side..

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    Okay this is OT...

    getreal... I see you did a slight change to your av, I LOVE it! hahaha funniest I've seen.

    We should have a favorite av poll and award!

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    Great job as always!

    I was glad to see that Rupert knows the game well enough to avoid being separated from the tribe for the greater part of a day at a reward feast while there is still so much in play. Did anyone else notice how prominently displayed the leftover strawberries were? I took this to mean that Burton and Lill didn't bring back any food for the others.

    Lill's theatrics were really getting on my nerves. "The Lill Show" was right on target!

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    "Lill, if you hadn’t realized, is a drama queen"

    Once again, Fluff, thanks for the recap. I was LMAO particularly at all of the references to Lil and "The Lil Show" You do such a great job, many thanks

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    Lap dance I would pay money for that one!

    Thanks Fluff!

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    Hilarious recap, Fluff.

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