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Thread: 11/13 Show Discussion

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    Am I the only one here who thought Rupe was just joking with Sandra when she gave him a coconut? I didn't see it as him being angry at all...to me he doesn't seem that self centered.
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    I agree with those who thought Rupert was joking with Sandra. No anger. I also think that when he said he'd "kill" anyone who voted against him (or whatever), it's just a figure of speech. It's like saying, "I'll slit my wrists if I have to watch Johnny Fairplay again" or "I could kill MB for adding the Outcast twist this year" or "I'm gonna shoot that sourpuss face off Lil before the end of this season." Don't take it so literally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Am I the only one here who thought Rupe was just joking with Sandra when she gave him a coconut? I didn't see it as him being angry at all...to me he doesn't seem that self centered.

    No, I agree!!! I think it is being blown way out of proportion. I took it as a joke as well.

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    I agree that Rupert was joking with sandra. The entire IC was strangely non-tension filled. It was like they all had a plan that would be played out once they insured that Ryan O wouldn't get Immunity and once that was fulfilled, it was a silly game.

    Now Lil...I don't think she is flirting with Burton. She finally had an opportunity to get alone with someone who treated her with respect, with value and as though she had some power with her vote. That isn't flirting...that is a confidence and trying to be an actress (ewww, terrible actress to pretend that she talked while he listened...) and feeling like she has a place in this new tribe at last. And there is a comfortable level for her with Burton.

    Before the boot, Lillian was an outcast within Morgan even when she was in the game.... Now that she is back in and with a different make up of people, she walks a bit taller I think.

    So for those who think she is flirting I think have missed the boat and don't understand old lady scoutmasters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno

    I'm not against Rupert, I'm just being a viewer who thinks she knows a better strategy for him to be able to win. Also, a viewer saying how I'd play the game against Rupert.

    Yay that we can agree to disagree!

    EDIT: I had my answers in bold...and it looked like I was yelling my answers. whoopsy! No yellin' here!

    I agree with you whole-heartedley - there are a lot of things I would've personally done differently if I were there - of course it's always easier said than done.....

    Thanks for the reply,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Those two times are not enough?
    Enough for what? As qualification for labeling him "intimidating"? Considering the circumstances? Maybe...but maybe not...and considering the way he generally handles himself, I would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Jon's come-uppance was rightfully deserved because before that point Rupert was not giving Jon stinkeye or anything, it seemed to me as if they were friends, for what its worth in a Survivor-sense. IMO, we the viewers finally had the luxury of watching a reality tv contestant stand up for themselves. Too many a time, the egotistical schmucks like Jon have their way - ala Paradise Hotel. Rupert was pissed and if he went a little overboard, well, Jon went a little overboard by pushing Shawn's buttons, and sometimes kids like that need a good scare - you know, to let 'em know that they look just as silly takin' a sh*t as the rest of us do...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Neither was justified at all, and it is just accepted in Jon's case because he is annoying. If any other Survivor behaved that way, they would be getting ripped for it. I say that episode is exactly why Rupert is MORE arrogant than 99% of the Survivors. He thinks he should not even get a vote, let alone a coconut in his tray.
    Well - maybe he did cross a line - to be honest with you, I can't remember exactly what he did say...somehow I would think that if he actually physically threatened Jon, Jon would've ran to the producers just as he himself threatened Shawn he would do...

    And, as I said before, it's difficult for me to understand why you would think Rupert is 'MORE' arrogant than anyone else because, IMO, the condemning evidence is pretty scant. In the macrocosm of things, those are specks, compared to others.

    How do you know what was actually meant by his comment?...Sondra didn't seem bothered by it, and, in fact, I believe she retorted something in stride with his tenor. So why does it bother you so? Remember Sondra has a very sarcastic personality and it wouldn't strike me as out of the ordinary if comments like this was the norm between them...some people do strike a kind of repertoire with each other in a clever, sarcastic kind of way...not that his comment was either...I personally found it missplaced, however I would find it extremely judgemental to levy a declaration of 'more arrogant than 99% of everyone else' based on something we think we understood.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Everyone knew the spear was about to break, even Rupert. It could just as easily broken on him. So he was going to stand in the water and scream at himself?
    Where did you get this information? Are you sure "everyone" knew the spear was going to break? As I recall Rupert simply told him that while using the spear, the cadavers at the end would tend to loosen - I believe he warned him to pay close attention to this particular nuance...do I think it was right that he barked at him? No. If I were in his shoes considering the importance of food (just ask Morgan) and the situation, could I understand? Yes.

    The difference to me is that Rupert's faults do not lie in deviousness.

    He has a hot temper. He lost his cool in situations where a lot of people would. Does Jon push buttons? Of course - ask Shawn - Jon is no stranger to yelling, so I have no pity for him - he needed a taste of his own medicine.

    What did Rupert actually say to Jon? Maybe I'm missing something - I didn't think he actually physically threatened him...I could be wrong - do you remember? I didn't tape it
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea1994
    I really don't think that what Rupert said to Sandra was meant in a mean way. I took the whole thing as a joke. Rupert strikes me as a fairly intelligent man, so I think it is safe to assume that he knew he would eventually end up with some coconuts. Rupert may have blown up at Jon, but that was because he felt betrayed. Wouldn't you? I think Rupert has been as honest as one can expect in this game and extremely sportsmanlike. Handing over his reward to Burton and then to encourage Burton to take Lil was a nice thing to do. Give the guy a break.

    I'm with you, sweetpea!

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    Rupert is one hell of a competitor, but I don't see him as a big final two problem. The real issue with Rupert is that he can do a Colby and has a decent shot at every IC - including the last one, allowing him to pick who to go with him. However, is he someone against whom everyone would lose to in a final two situation? I don't see him as that at all.

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    A thought on Rupert's growly bit...

    I've noticed that many kids who were picked on or ridiculed for being fat, dorky, etc. tend to overcompensate when they grow up and are no longer those things.

    The fat, unathletic kid who grows up to be a massive, strong and capable man oftentimes is the first one to call attention to his transformation by reminding everyone how strong and NOT fat/etc. that he is anymore. I know I'm doing too much armchair psychoanalyzing, but Rupert just reminds me of a lot of people like that. What looks like constant bragging and threatening is just his way of reminding himself more than anyone else that he's not that weak, unpopular kid anymore. Notice how the more he got picked on by Burton and Shawn, the more physical he got..and then when he was accepted for it, he almost seemed giddy with power because he had proven that he was stronger, better, smarter. At least to himself.

    I also think part of Rupert's intimidation factor is just the way he looks, and he can't help it. All that wild and crazy hair and he seems to always be looking up at you with his face turned downward - so it looks like he's scowling. I'm sure some of it's deliberate, but I doubt all of it is. He's also very gentle when he thinks someone in his tribe needs it and he tries hard to be as inclusive as he can.

    The Sandra thing was blown out of proportion - I really doubt he hurt her and if he did, it was only because he accidentally hit bone instead of arm fat. The Jon thing can be attributed squarely towards Rupert feeling utterly betrayed by someone - I don't think it even occurred to him that Jon would do that and he damn well was going to make sure Jon knew how angry he was. It came out as intimidating, but I'm not completely sure that was his intent.

    Finally, the "kill you" comments...more of what I interpreted as Rupert's way of speaking more than his intent. I tell my son all the time if he doesn't do something, I'm going to kick his butt. I never have and never would kick his butt, it's just an expression. Given his job, I wouldn't be surprised if, "I'll kill ya," is just one of those things you say to get someone's attention.

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    Passes a hat to give jon much needed analysis

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