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Thread: 11/13 Show Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    He has blown up at people on a couple of occassions. Something dismissed by his fans, but his tribes have seen those over reactions and intimidations.
    Besides the instance with Jon (which, IMO was completely justifiable) or at Shawn for losing spear (when he forwarned him not to) - which I agree was a bit much - I don't know what else you're talking about.

    When did he try to intimidate somebody?

    I'm not saying Rupert's a saint - I'm saying that the reasons you listed seem to be extremely nitpicky compared to the glaring arrogance exhibited by 99% of the people who compete on Survivor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    What I am thinking, is that everyone is getting tired of HEARING it. Whether it's joking or not...he is subconsciously (and perhaps accidently) putting him into everyone's heads in a negative light.
    The tribe members are grateful that Rupert AND Burton are both providing food for them. But it is Rupert that has made it a point to Remind everyone that they owe him Because he's feeding them. Sure, he was having fun when he said it to Sandra, but the others are not going to see it that way. Little by little his "friendly" remarks will start grating on the people's nerves, and mutiny will ensue. Of course, this is also my opinion only.

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    MB didn't show what Sandra, Christa, T & D talked about when they went to get fish. Where they trying to get fish to see if they can live without Burton or Rupert? This could be the reason why T&D voted off Ryno. They formed a new alliance with S&C. They still need one more person to get a majority, this could either be Lil or Jon. An outside possibility could be that they could let Rupert stay until they get to 5 where all 4 women vote him off at the first chance he doesn't win IC.

    Christa was right when she said that it's time to vote off Burton. He is the biggest threat to their alliance but Rupert believes that Ryno should go instead. I think Rupert is trusting Burton so much that he is blinded by the fact that Burton can switch alliances anytime and take him out. No amount of giving away your reward would get anyone's trust, especially Burton who has a secret vendetta against his fellow Drakes. Burton and Lil are a solid 2-person vote that can change the outcome of the game for Rupert.

    Why is Lil blubbering in the preview? I think it's because she is a terrible liar and her conscience just could not take the fact that she will be betraying one of her good friends. This could be Rupert or Burton. Did you guys notice that she seems to attach herself with skinny guys? She seems to like Jon and you'd see her by his side every time. Maybe Jon reminds her of Ryan S.

    So it's going to be Rupert or Burton next week. Burton is devicing a plan to get the Morgan girls to join his alliance with Lil and Jon. Looks like T&D are caught in a bind here and all of a sudden their votes can change the shift of power between Burton & Rupert. I don't know if Lil will let Rupert know of Burton's plan just like she did with Nicole and get Burton in trouble. Maybe Jon had to rethink his game plan and decide who can get him farther the most. He can go top 4 with Rupert for sure but he may go from 5 to 3 (and a chance to win last IC) if he went with Burton.

    As for the girls....as long as they vote off a guy, there's nothing to worry about.

    I think Rupert will win IC again. There couldn't be any other reason why Lil would be blubbering that much unless the tribe decided that it's time to get Burton off. She had no choice but to go with the vote or it will be her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackpot
    Besides the instance with Jon (which, IMO was completely justifiable) or at Shawn for losing spear (when he forwarned him not to) - which I agree was a bit much - I don't know what else you're talking about.

    When did he try to intimidate somebody?

    I'm not saying Rupert's a saint - I'm saying that the reasons you listed seem to be extremely nitpicky compared to the glaring arrogance exhibited by 99% of the people who compete on Survivor.
    Those two times are not enough?

    Neither was justified at all, and it is just accepted in Jon's case because he is annoying. If any other Survivor behaved that way, they would be getting ripped for it. I say that episode is exactly why Rupert is MORE arrogant than 99% of the Survivors. He thinks he should not even get a vote, let alone a coconut in his tray.

    Everyone knew the spear was about to break, even Rupert. It could just as easily broken on him. So he was going to stand in the water and scream at himself?
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    Arrrrrrrrrrr ! Armchair pirates ! :

    Pirates and pirating is the very theme of this Survivor. Unlike some previous Survivors, there is less focus on getting to know the land they are lubbing and the customs of same and more on pirate lore.

    So, --- were pirates NOT intimidating folks -- both to those they were pirating as well as other members of their pirate ship crew ? I mean were they all really swell people, all please/thank you and hugs and handshakes ?

    Rupert is playing the game. He operates via Survivor-think laced with Pirate-think and we saw that from Ep 1. Why is he now losing favor by responding in a pirate-like way ?

    Jon deserved every bit of Rupert's roaring reaction to the betrayal and would have suffered some if not all of the punishments mentioned in last night's trivia IC. Jon would be shark bait !

    I think the Shawn thing was just catharsis.

    As for Rupe's interaction with Sandra, I think he meant to jovially say, "who'll be catching your fish, Matey". At least that's the way I heard it

    The wenches ought to unite and let him continue to provide, and ply him with ale as long as they can :
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    Rupert knows he can't win with normal strategy. He would have been targeted for his strength no matter what. He's using the only options left to him, to win immunity and when all else fails to intimidate the hell out of everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crackpot
    It's ok - we can agree to disagree - my point was that if somebody is providing for you, filling your stomach at night, and winning competitions for you, there is a responsibility that comes along with it - a social contract if you will. Surely if you did these things for somebody you didn't even really know, and then had them try to campaign against you, behind your back, I'm sure you would be more than a tad irate - if you wouldn't be - then you are a better person than most...
    If I was playing against Rupert, I'd get along with him, but I'd HAVE TO campaign to get him out of the game at some point...and I WOULD do it behind his back. There's no other way to do it. I wouldn't be on Survivor vying for a million bucks to "make friends" instead of winning. Sure he'd be upset, and I'd understand it..but at some point even Rupert has to understand that there can only be ONE winner.

    I'm just saying - if Jon or anyone thinks Rupert is overly domineering, or Mao-esque in his ways, then all they have to do is their own thing - don't smile politely with your hand out and then turn around and shove a knife in the guy's back...
    Well, I most certainly won't glare at him all the time. Like I said before, you have to stratagize and go with the flow if you're trying to get rid of someone to be able to win the game.

    What set me off a bit is all these people complaining about Rupert, when, in my opinion, he has played the game with alot more honesty and respect for his fellow players than anyone else there right now (outside of maybe RyanO or Darra - although they don't contribute as much).
    I agree with everything you said about Rupert here, cause he has.

    Rupert had a right to complain because he earned it.
    What has Jon, Lil, or anyone else done for the group on a scale = to Rupert's? If I was bustin my ass to ensure my team was fed everyday, won competitions everyday, and won reward challenges everyday, then I, Like Rupert, would've bullied the hell out of Jon - he would've been picking up his teeth with two broken arms. Rupert is the only one who gives 100%, 100% of the time - and sometimes, when somebody puts that much effort, you let something like an off-handed remark to Sondra slide - which could've easily been an inside joke for all we know - but everybody jumps all over the guys case for it and completely ignores what good sportsmanship he has shown in a game not geared towards such.
    He HAS played the game very well. Actually..he's been a great 'survivor'..but as in the GAME...I (imho) think he's messing up by thinking he CAN bully people around just cause he's put 100% into everything. If (by what you said above) that's the case, then why are all the other contestants there? Sure, I agree he's been wonderful on the island, but he's got to win the game now. Not just expect the win cause he's great at providing/sportsmanship/friendship/etc...

    I'm not against Rupert, I'm just being a viewer who thinks she knows a better strategy for him to be able to win. Also, a viewer saying how I'd play the game against Rupert.

    Yay that we can agree to disagree!

    EDIT: I had my answers in bold...and it looked like I was yelling my answers. whoopsy! No yellin' here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyRI
    (apologizing for my lusting)

    Regarding the RyanO at final tribal council- can't wait! They do all seem to have had showers and made themselves look nice. That's why I wish Andrew was on the jury! If he looked that great with no food or shower, just imagine him all cleaned up! (closes eyes, imagining the glory)
    Sometimes, though, the cleaned up specimen is not as hot as starved, scruffly specimen. Was it Colby who looked like he'd gained a lot of weight in his face between the last episode and the final tribal council?
    Yeah, and that goes for Matt too. Starved, chiseled jungle god Matt was infinitely hotter than cleaned up GQ Matt. I promise this is all I will say about Matt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitschwitch
    Suxie, Too Much Coffee, Sweetpea 1994:
    Me too. Must not be much to do in Columbus tonight.

    This episode made no sense whatsoever:

    1. Rupert's lack of coconuts (no pun intended)
    2. Ryan's surplus of coconuts (again with the pun)
    3. Lil's lack of confidence in herself
    4. How anyone can find Burton charismatic enough to follow
    5. The bizarre here-they-are, whoops-they're-gone alliances
    6. And Ryan's exit

    So all of the male eye candy is gone.
    The rougher Andrew & Ryan looked, the better I liked it. I didn't know I was that kind of girl.
    Kitschwitch: Burton is still there for eye candy. Yum. His hair is looked more tangled and tousled and sweaty all the time. Lil has certainly been eyeing him in a most-unscoutlike way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheela
    Dagwood. I couldn't believe how happy she was. He said he would vote out a Drake first if she won immunity and all the other Morgans were gone, right? He came right out and said it. It wasn't even said under his breath or anything.
    I know...he said he would make sure she was the last Morgan to go. Gotta love it.
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