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Thread: 11/13 Show Discussion

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    Dave Cullen
    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911
    It's really lame because the first time she said "at the reward breakfast I did all the talking and he just nodded." Then the second time she said " I'm still made about breakfast." She might as well have just pulled out a big neon sign saying "Burton and I are plotting against all of you!!!" Does she really think that everyone is as naive as she is? Just because no one said anything doesnt mean that they didn't file away the information to use at a later time. Sheesh!
    I liked just about everything you had to say, but that was my favorite. Talk about over-playing your hand.

    And yeah, that's exactly that woman: so naive she thinks everyone else is naive as she is.

    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911
    I am also quite tired of seeing the I am Lil , I was a victim footage.

    . . . What I find really interesting in the whole thing is that the two people that I find the most manipulative (or at least actively so) [IMHO] are the two people who spend the greater part of their real lives councilling and mentoring children and teens. Makes me wonder.........
    Yup. I roll my eyes every time that footage starts, too. I think that's the real reason Lill Abner annoys me so much. Clueless and Martian is one thing, but when she starts whining, too, how desperately she needs a hug . . . Good lord. This is not the game for hugs. She needs to join Osten in a reality 101 class about why a person would audition for Survivor.

    And it is freaky/scary with them as mentors. More so Rupert. I keep picturing those screwed up kids, though maybe he's good at straightening them out. Lill Abner, I just assume they have her tied up in toilet paper every meeting.

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    Dave Cullen
    Quote Originally Posted by PrincessRight
    Speaking of Lill, is it possible that she's really a plant that MB included in the cast to mess up the game? All her actions and behaviour seem to be inconsistent with someone who's seriously playing the game and trying to win it. Is it possible she's not a scout troop leader but a B movie actress we never heard of? . . .
    Hysterical. Best explanation I've heard for Lill Abner.

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    Does anyone think Rupert was throwing away the RC till he realized he could give it to Burton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caychris
    Does anyone think Rupert was throwing away the RC till he realized he could give it to Burton.
    I thought he was throwing it, too. Did he learn that he could give it away before it was over? I don't remember that.

    -Randy (That's one you don't really want to win)

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    Quote Originally Posted by caychris
    Does anyone think Rupert was throwing away the RC till he realized he could give it to Burton.

    I thought he was going to throw it also, which would have been an actual *smart* move from him. His shouting and bullying are only going to get him so far. I'm actually surprised that Burton seemed almost afraid to "tick" him off by letting him know he was going to go next. And of course Jon "no no no, please don't tell him, he might hurt me" attitude (and he probably would lol).

    Once again my famous question for every season "Has anyone ever watched Survivor before they applied to the show???".

    Rupert needs to slack off a little and act like he's not such a threat. I would, however, like to see all of the men gone and the ladies scratching eachother's eyes out lol.

    All in all, this is my favorite season, I love the pirate theme.
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    I thought you could always give up your RC or IC if you chose to that being part of the game. I only started really watching Survivor towards the end of Amazon.

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    Wow- still thinking about all the weirdness in last night's ep.

    Christa- I think she threw the IC. No way can you answer "D" in an "A, B, or C" question without intentionally doing something. She's a computer programmer, so she's smarter than that. Also, as someone upthread pointed out, a cutlass is also a programming symbol shaped like a curved knife! I think she was trying to lose so she wouldn't have to give out the Coconuts of Doom. She wasn't in danger of being voted off, and she knew that, so avoiding handing out coconuts was actually pretty clever and game savvy.

    Sandra, Darrah, Christa and T- I wish TPTB had showed us the all-girl fishing expedition. I get the feeling there was deep plotting during that time, and maybe an alliance was born? Hope they caught a fish though. And if that is the plan, they have to boot Rupert next, because none of them, not even Christa or Sandra, could beat him in a physical immunity challenge. Something happened out there, though, otherwise T giving Rhino coconuts just doesn't make sense.

    Jon, Burton, and Lil- Jon is now, finally and appropriately, an honorary Outcast. Burton is treading on Rupert's giant hairy toes by fishing- anyone agree that Rupert vs. Jaws (as seen on next week's trailers) is just Rupert trying to kill something even more bada** than an electric stingray? And Lil- oh, words fail.
    Lil is:
    Not Jesus.
    Not getting in Burton's pants, no matter how she flirts. (Yick!)
    Not the center of the universe.
    Not even able to catch a damn fish! What kind of troop does she lead???

    Rupert- the only guy still in the game because people are terrified of him. Not cool, Rupe. That 'little, playful' swat he gave Sandra for giving him a coconut? Looked like it hurt. Jeff should have called him on that. (and on his threats to pound Jon- kinda funny, but he could do it with one swipe of those paws) When you're 3 times the size of everyone else, physical threats can seem serious.

    Rhino- Bye cutie!

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    I haven't read through the pages yet but I thought that the way the vote went down last night after they showed all the votes that it looks like the girls are going to vote off all the guys. I think they went for Ryan to make Rupert and Burton think they are being loyal and to keep them around to get food. In the end I think they will be voting out the men in unity. Why else would Tiajuana and Darah have voted for Ryan?? At the very least just show hostility towards Lil and vote for her.

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    They should have gotten rid of Rupert before he was a potential juror! Cause if he doesn't make it to the finals he will bully the jury!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    What was that "now I know how Jesus felt" line last night? I don't get it.
    She obviously was referring to the time Jesus had to carry his own cross as she was half carrying half dragging the piece of wood/tree trunk.

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