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Thread: 11/13 Show Discussion

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    Did Sandra actually talked to Darrah and Tijuana? Did she just concocted an all-women alliance to get rid of Burton and Rupert? Or did Burton and Jon got ahead of her and bring D & T to their side instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasGrumby
    Did Sandra actually talked to Darrah and Tijuana? Did she just concocted an all-women alliance to get rid of Burton and Rupert? Or did Burton and Jon got ahead of her and bring D & T to their side instead?
    I think Sandra and christie said they should talk to them.

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    If Burton had D&T im pretty sure you would have seen Christa go home.

    I think Burton couldnt get a straight answer out of Jon nor could he get anything more than Ryno's assurance that D&T were on board.

    If he had been really smart he could have gotten D&T to vote for a anyone else and used his 4 votes to chop down Christa.

    Look for D & T to split next episode.

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    One more possibility is that Lill just exposed herself as a weakness to Burton at the RC. I think he decided he cant rely on her thats why he made no agressive move.

    Not that I think that he believes that she would betray him but that she wont be able to lie properly and blow it.

    If Rupert goes next week it will be because D crosses over to Burton

    If the coup fails it will be because of Lill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Meanie
    Nicely put. I too agree that Rupe is having the time of his life in this "game." And I fully agree that he is a journeyman with "jack of all trade" skills that not only give him an edge but also have been to the benefit of all the Drakes and now the Balboas. I also would liked to have seen Rhino outlast some of the other "under the radar" players.
    I think Rupert is deep in the game and having the time of his life "playing pirate". It wouldn't surprize me to find out he was a D & D player way back to the point of dressing up in costume to play. I'm hoping he has a game plan more then just relying on C & S to ride to the end. Clearly if they were going to knock him out at this point they needed to be more agressive. My feeling is that people know he needs to go at some point, but there is no point in getting rid of him now. They are going to keep him and use him to get that fish and other food and work to get rid of him when the timing is better.
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    Well, this ep was no big surprise. Typical MB editing. Point fingers at everyone and then vote out the most logical person. Still wondering why the guys would let the girls have such a majority and not think they will use it. Everyone is looking to break up blocks of three votes and that was Ryan-O's biggest problem. And now it's Ruperts turn. If Lil/Burton stay true to Rupert, he can go 2 more times and oust the rest of Morgan. I don't think that will happen though. With Lil blubbering in the previews, it's likely she is being asked to vote either Burton or Rupert off. Either would make her feel like a traitor. It's probably time for Rupe to go. They can't wait too long or he might string a bunch of IC wins.

    So see ya Rupert, hope you catch that shark.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasGrumby
    Everyone was afraid of putting coconuts on Rupert's thing that's why he won IC. Only Sandra had the guts to do so. I'm still perplexed as to why Tijuana put coconuts on Ryan (twice!) which paved the way on she and Darrah voting against him. And why did Lil put coconuts on Burton? Is this to make everyone think that they don't have an alliance? That is lame!
    It's really lame because the first time she said "at the reward breakfast I did all the talking and he just nodded." Then the second time she said " I'm still made about breakfast." She might as well have just pulled out a big neon sign saying "Burton and I are plotting against all of you!!!" Does she really think that everyone is as naive as she is? Just because no one said anything doesnt mean that they didn't file away the information to use at a later time. Sheesh!

    From My Perspective...........
    I am also quite tired of seeing the I am Lil , I was a victim footage. It is the name of the game, you vote someone out. It is not a personal afront. It's ok to do it as long as it's not you? I hope that she does not teach her scouts to be sore losers. I apologize to Lil fans , but someone who's plan is to do everything someone else tells her to do (basically giving Burt 2 votes at TC everyweek) does not seem like someone deserving of a second chance to play the game to me.

    As far a Rupert is concerned I too take the unpopular stance. I don't root for him, never have. I think he also is of the mind that I can vote for anyone I want but it's wrong if anyone votes for me. I also think that he took on the provider role in order to keep himself there (and not because he enjoys "filling their bellies" as he says). Otherwise I think he would have been gone before now. I think that is where his superior attitude comes in , he supplies a basic need (that he made darn sure he wouldnt allow anyone else to provide), so of course he feels like they are lost without him. He designed it that way. True in the short run for the tribe, but in the long run for no one but himself. When he can't guilt (I feed you) them into not voting for him then he threatens them. Sorry Rupe fans , This is just my opinions on what I see.

    What I find really interesting in the whole thing is that the two people that I find the most manipulative (or at least actively so) [IMHO] are the two people who spend the greater part of their real lives councilling and mentoring children and teens. Makes me wonder.........

    And no I don't think Jon is manipulative. He thinks he is the master manipulator but really he is just a wannabe... He's just smarmy...

    Ok end of my rant....

    "We make a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give." Winston Chruchill

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    Win a date with lil?...no wonder Rupert gave it up.....

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    Its taken seven shows....and I thought in today's society it couldn't be done but we have found a survivor who can survive....there won't be any talk of weight loss till Rupert is gone...I wouldn't want to be lost with the other 111.....

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    Did anyone else have a strange, hazy memory of Richard Hatch when Rupert saw that shark??

    Did anyone else thank God that Rupert was at least still wearing his skirt?

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