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Thread: Standing in the Shadows, Week 7B

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    All the shadows are excellent.
    My favorite lines:
    Darrah - Rhiner caym up tuh me an' said that th' nest best thang to Boba Fett is Pransiss Laya, so ah mayd two lettle buns on mah head fer him. Ah didn' mahnd--they remahnded me of mah momma's cinn'min rawls.

    Rupert - As I left the school yard, that big-mouthed devil would taunt me, singin' "Goodbye Rupy Two-Legs".

    Skinny Ryan - Awwwwww, rats! I was all set to swoop back into the game like an 85-pound avenging angel. I'd have scattered alliances and strategies like a whole bunch of frozen goods crashing through the bottom of a single-wrapped paper bag after a long, hot trip home.

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    Great job shadows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I guess in many ways reality shows do imitate life… sometimes you just get screwed over by the Boy Scouts.

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