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Thread: New spoiler info about who recieves visits for the family challenge. Obvious spoilers

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    I was standing in line at the grocery store this evening when i was reading thru the Enquirer- i know what a great source! NOT! I use to think that but anywho back to my story- you all like stories right? ;-) The enquirer had an story about Tijuana...hm i found kinda interesting that previously I saw Andrew in the mag the week he was booted. Didn't see Ryano
    because i wasn't looking in that mag at the time.. but still it makes ya wonder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smith
    Actually, Kelly's number wasn't arbitrary... it was based on her favourite movie "The Graduate". It was her way of seeing if either of them got to know her. Okay... that was her explanation at least.
    Hi--You're right, Smith. I just didn't want to go into all the detail in my post. Frankly, that number quote from the Graduate was ridiculous. she asked them to pick a number, any number. she didn't ask them to pick her favorite number from a movie or anything that would even give either player a hint as to what she was after. Even if she'd said 10 times the quote from the Graduate, I'd probably have picked her age or the day of the month she was born or something like that. (Now, I'm all whipped up about that again!) I guess the ultimate point is that people on the jury certainly can and do base their votes on very tenuously related logic to the actual game.

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    Mr411 is 2/2. We'll need to see if Rupert get's booted on Thursday to see if he's fully right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    I guess the ultimate point is that people on the jury certainly can and do base their votes on very tenuously related logic to the actual game.
    Well, once and awhile people on the jury are going to say "whatever, it's not like I'm getting the money." With Greg, I think he kind of saw the whole thing as a bit amusing and had troubles taking it seriously which I think is fair enough. Ultimately because it is a game different people are going to invest different levels of energy into it.

    The Monopoly Scale:
    Top Level: "Yes! Yes! I own your Boardwalk a**!! You HAVE to mortgage all your properties!"
    Mid Level: "You landed on Boardwalk. Only have $300, okay, I'll spot you this time."
    Low Level: "Whatever? You got any other channels. Dude, your cable sucks."

    Quote Originally Posted by caychris
    In game sense it does not bode well for Burton to make Rupert the target this soon. What would be better even smarter would be for Burton to target his alliance partners. Christa or even Sandra. This is something D&T could go along with.
    Well, putting aside the idea of a D/T/C/S hidden alliance the only advantage of taking out Christa instead of Rupert for D&T is the food and the random reduction of one more player. D&T need to have people they can work with if they want to stay. Not sure that outside of C&S there is a 2 person group they could trust. Grouping with Burton & Lil would seem unlikely (has Lil exhausted her ill will towards Morgan yet?).

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