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Thread: New spoiler info about who recieves visits for the family challenge. Obvious spoilers

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    Yes, yes and yes. Other than that I would simply be copying my earlier post. Everyone is here because they love Survivor and also because they love the FORT, its members, and the way the boards operate. Everyone presents valid and well thought out points without everything else that makes most of the other boards places to avoid. We have learned that in Survivor anything can happen, that some of the final votes can make no sense, and that the spoilers aren't always accurate and that a lot must happen for them to become true. One of the purposes of these forums is to discuss the "why" of anything happening and the only way to dismiss any theory is to offer up an idea or proof of your own. This one may be true, but it all happened months ago so I will just wait and see.
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    to chiro and brusch. Let's just enjoy the conversation without getting confrontational.
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    In season one, the number Greg had in mind was the number most people choose when asked this question (I think the number was 7). He gave Rich first choice, knowing he would probably choose 7. So he really was expecing Rich to guess right and therefore win his vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFlying
    The reason Jon has made this far is because he's been very lucky.

    Ep 4 they threw the challenge but the plan completely backfired because instead of getting rid of Jon it turned out to be Jon deciding which alliance would move forward (either Rupert/Sandra/Christa or Burton/Michelle/Shawn). It actually didn't matter though because Shawn voted against Burton anyway, rofl.
    Remember, Shawn voted for Burton because Jon told him on the way to tribal council that Burton was going, and he should join the majority. Jon was the reason Shawn changed his vote.
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    Kelly from Survivor Africa also based her vote on an arbitrary number choice. In that case, Ethan had by far the most votes, so Kelly's vote didn't matter. (It went to Ethan anyway.) So--people do make arbitrary choices, devaluing the people and their experience "surviving." Jon certainly could do that. He is a jerk, for sure. But it's nothing to be "frightened" about. All the players know that they may be on the show with complete idiots. (Just ask Hunter.) It's the risk they all take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    Kelly from Survivor Africa also based her vote on an arbitrary number choice.
    Actually, Kelly's number wasn't arbitrary... it was based on her favourite movie "The Graduate". It was her way of seeing if either of them got to know her. Okay... that was her explanation at least.

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    Can we please get back to talking about the spoiler. To just clear all this ho ha up.... Survivor final twos have been extremly stange (most of them) And the only one that really sticks in my head is the kathy lost 1 million dollars due to a wore out bra)

    Jon has just been a lucky brat i think he will go to the final 6 5 or 4 then get voted out.

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    I read over on blows and on a couple of other boards that 411 info is incorrect about ruperts wife. I believe its snewser or that says they all fly in and out together.

    411 says they fly out of LA which seems odd as Panama is more south of Florida than California and a significant number of the remaining players are closer to Panama where they live than by going to california.

    One of the original spoilers about the f3 seems to have rupert or ( a man with a heavy beard) in the F3 so i think 411's info can be taken with a grain of salt.

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    Until the time comes that Rupert leaves or there is proof that all of the other family visitors left at a different time or even the number of family visitors, I'm sticking with my opinion that Rupert doesn't go yet. I'm sure we're not seeing some important information to the thinking of the survivors and I'm also sure that no one wants the outcasts to win the game, so either Burton or Lill will be leaving soon.
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    In game sense it does not bode well for Burton to make Rupert the target this soon. What would be better even smarter would be for Burton to target his alliance partners. Christa or even Sandra. This is something D&T could go along with. Right now they have a significant amount of time left where food would be an issue. Im not sure that Burton is the provider that Rupert is and im sure some of the players know this.

    Weakening Rupert by killing off his allies would make more sense at least for Burton who at this point could be considered the biggest IC threat.

    Im not totaly convinced that Rupe goes this week. I think Jon actually actually come under Rupes wing. The public blow up and stuff after Trish may have given Jon and Rupe an opportunity to work together.

    I think JFP has been lying in confessionals as well as to the other players. As annoying as Jon has been the only dumb move he made was not see the writing on the wall at Trish's TC. His strategy is based on being so annoying but not giving them a reason to boot him. Play up the hatred to the point that he gets to F2 because the other doesnt think they can lose. In a game of like this it nets you quite a bit of power actually because people are always appearing to do you favors.

    Watch Jon's vote this week it should prove how well he is playing the game. He does not in fact want to vote Rupert off because he now becomes a 5th wheel to Burton. JFP this week should prove how smart he really is at this game.

    He may have been lucky pre merge but I dont see how he was a really in any danger.

    I really should put my strategy analysis somewhere on this board.

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