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Thread: Survivor: Pirate Report (Day 19) - The Tribe Has Not Really Spoken At All

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    Rupert is not happy. Yeah, I know, this isnít the first time that the emotional hulk of the show has been upset, but this week showed the weaknesses in Rupertís game. He returned from tribal council screaming at his tribe, demanding to know who voted for him when he knew darn well who it was. So the entire exercise was an attempt to intimidate and threaten Jon. I thought it was pathetic, but worse still, it was a terrible move in the game.
    Couldn't agree more.
    Rupert seems to think he has some right to not be voted against.

    Sandra and Christa cruise along in the big skirt of Rupert.
    Just loved that comment

    Worse still, the departure of Osten now means that these folks have to get off the fence on their loyalties.
    Very true.
    Osten was an easy boot but if the Morgan's visit TC again they'll have to start making commitments one way or another.

    I believe that some of the Outcasts may vote for whomever they think is most likely to ruin the days of the existing tribe members.
    Another comment I agree with Bill.

    I can see Ryan S voting that way for sure.

    Once again, another excellent read Bill
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    spoiler-free zone
    Excellent analysis, Bill!

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    Wonderful! I always like coming in here whne I have free time so I can actually read all of these things! Super job!

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    Bill, your pirate report was excellent as usual--a very enjoyable read. I always like your take on things!

    For the second choice, I donít know, and donít see any indications in terms of what we were shown, but maybe I missed a hint or two. Lots of spoilers exist indicating who it might be, but I try not to read many spoilers, and secondly, more spoilers are wrong than are right.
    I'd like to give a huge to that one! I'd much rather take the game at face value than go into the speculations and suppositions of such spoilers.

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    Great job Bill. I am going to guess that there will maybe be one member of each tribe coming back but they will go to the tribe that did not vote them off. If it is Burton, he will go to Morgan and if it is Liz she will go to Drake. That being the case, Burton will have a huge impact on who goes in the Morgan tribe. Burton might even go out and catch some fish and be looked at as the new king of the Morgan tribe in which case Savage will be given the boot. But if Burton wants to keep the strong ones together and can convince Andrew and Ryan that is the way to go, then it will be either Tijuana or Darrah who would be voted out next.

    Rupert is safe as long as they need food. Jon is in great peril right now. Yes he is the guy everyone would love to go to the final 2 with but right now he is standing on the gallows waiting for the trap door to open. ALL that can save him is for them to never go to tribal council till there is a merge, if there ever is one. As far as Rupert winning all the individual immunity challenges, all the challenges will not be physical. There will be opportunity to vote him off later.

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    Thanks Bill!!

    I always appreciate your political breakdowns.... whether it be for Survivor, or in the Current Events forum.

    Always well written!
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