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Thread: Osten Taylor explains his decision

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    I think Lil or Thrish said that they ate the crabs but that there was very little meat on them (btw, you don't need to crack the shell to eat the crab).

    Thanks for the medical info, mischief .

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911
    For the person who asked about lower body fat persons having a more difficult time than persons with more body fat to be used for energy...
    Mischief, it wasn't me that asked, but thanks for the explanation.

    We have seen evidence of physical suffering from many of the past Survivors. Last season alone, one guy got malaria (forgot his name, Dan, maybe? -one of the first guys voted off). Was he happy to leave? No. I never thought I would be referring to Heidi in a good light, but that girl suffered some serious physical hardship. She was bitten by a poisonous spider, withered away to 89 pounds (I think), and looked like a concentration camp survivor when she was voted off in F5. Was she happy to leave - no. I don't remember if it was her, Jenna, or SHawna, but one of the girls told how the women's menstrual cycles were so screwed up that that she was bleeding for twenty days straight. (Sorry if that was too much information, guys ) My point is that while what happens to their bodies out there is by no means healthy, most of them are well aware of that going in and would still give anything for that experience. Tijauna said you would have to carry her dead body away to get her out of there...

    Simply put, Osten did not deserve to have the opportunity to be on this show. If, since his boot, he would have showed some regret at his lack of willpower or at least admitted to learning a hard lesson about himself, I think we would be showing him a bit more leniency. But in his interviews and chat he is coming across as such a sactimonious jerk, telling people to line up and kiss his a$$, so it is hard to have any respect for him whatsoever. He claims to have watched four previous seasons of Survivor, but I can't see how any true fan of the show could act like he has...
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    Once again, a big to everyone.

    I doubt, though, that the exposure will do him any good. I wouldn't want him being the spokesperson for my hypothetical company:
    "Buy our products, and you too can be the biggest loser in Survivor history!"
    Yes, the clothes thing was a twist, but did it knock anyone else out of the game? No.

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    Atleast the person who replaces Osten deserves to be there more them him...even if they were booted because they tried to stay while Osten just quit...Osten is like a Bag of Chips, looks big and great on the inside but when you u=open it up its half empty and all the air escapes so the package doesn't look all that good anymore...I think its safe to say that atleast ONE of the booted people deserves to be there over Osten, maybe not Shawn but Osten for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    The beginning twist left them all unprepared and in selling his clothes in the market, Osten clearly didn't react well to it.

    He felt he was helping the tribe y selling his clothes, possibly acting the hero, but he was hurting himself.
    They could always eat the extra money they brought with them. Osten sold his clothes, but saved the cash. Smart. *talking to "LOSTen"*: Investment broker, are ya? Yeah ... I want YOU to help ME make good decisions ... NOT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    What an idiot. Talk about someone that takes 'your body is a temple' a little too seriously.

    For him to complain about not eating properly when he did absolutely nothing to help himself makes me sick. Did he miss the first Survivor? They had to eat rats, for gawds sake. Not sure where he thought the all day buffet would be stored.

    I'm so glad he's gone and he's the main reason why I'm not upset with the twist. Had Osten been voted out when he initially proved to be useless... which was around day 1... one of those 3 wouldn't have been kicked off. Osten was coddled and taken care of more than anyone on that island and he's supposedly in the best physical condition than anyone else. I truly hope the guy does get shipwrecked somewhere when he doesn't have the option of quitting.

    I'm thoroughly annoyed that this guy squandered an opportunity that thousands of people vie for. Why MB cast this idiot is beyond me.
    Wouldn't it had been ironic if he had been kicked off when he initially wanted to when Ryan S left. What a shock for him. Look buddy your not out of the game. Here's some rice and water and some bamboo on the floor to sleep on. Your going back to compete in a challenge after 6 people are voted off.

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    Simply stated, Osten has more paranoia than a true blooded hypochondriac. What a shame that he needed to expose this weakness about himself to the rest of the world!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischief4911
    For the person who asked about lower body fat persons having a more difficult time than persons with more body fat to be used for energy...

    Starvation occurs in several stages.

    Personally, I don't think Ostens body was the issue. I'm sure in order for him to get his body in the condition it is/was in in the first place took far more diligence and effort than he expended on the TV show. You don't get a body like that from 15min a day , 3 days a week. He worked his booty off to be buff.

    And if anyone ventures far enough into this post to read this can they please answer a question for me....
    Is there some reason why they can't eat the billions of crabs that attack them at night (protected, paracites, bad Karma?)
    I thinkk Hiedi from last season is the person who was probably closest to starvation from any other survivor. Her hair was falling out and I think she came back weighing only about 85 lbs. Osten was getting thinner but he certainly didn't look like his body was failing. If he was throwing up blood I think he would have been looked at by the Dr on staff who would have done something if it was serious.

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    Your welcome (about the info)

    I agree that Heidi (and Jenna to a lesser degree) probably have been the people to suffer the most physically from their Survivor experience in terms of level of starvation. Heidi I think was fortunate to be voted off when she was, she could have had some long lasting effects if she had stayed longer (although to her credit she did have the heart to stay longer [the only nice thing I can say about her]).
    I do believe though that the Survivor Big wigs have looked at this whole starvation issue and other personal injury related aspects with medical experts
    and have tailored certain things about the show in order to ensure some level of safety (so to speak). Yes we watch these people loose 20- 40 pounds each season but they are given just enough to maintain their bodies at an although lower level of function (that's why later in the season they have more and more food rewards, high fat foods , and foods with lots of amino acids and proteins [peanut butter is a great one with all three ]). I think that if anyone was truely becoming incapacitated there would be a medical team that would step in. You also should factor in that the body is designed to maintain homeostasis (balance), and will do anything it can to compensate for losses as long as it is able to. So even though they are deprived the body will change it's metabolism and chemical balances (pH and such) and these people are able to maintain their energy levels. Of course if the this happens over an extended length of time the body will get to the point that it can no longer compensate and then real damage begins. But again they are there for 39 days , a period of time that would indeed create havoc on their bodies but more than likely would not be life-threatening nor would it leave residule long term effects (Im sure MB's medical staff has taken all of this into account).

    Thanks for the input on the crab thing. I love crab and also find it a lot of work , but if I was hungry and didnt have a whole lot to occupy my time why not boil em up and pick at them. Better than being hungry. And yes if they are soft shell you dont even have to peel them....

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    someone mentioned that he shoulda went on Fear Factor...

    that would have been a bad move too, he mighta drowned in the piranha tank and do you think he would eat any of them african cave spider things? he scared of pelicans, lol

    osten is used to drinking whey protein shakes and eating alot during the day...the only time he ate food was when rupert caught some fish for them saps

    the biggest thing is that osten was losing muscle and he's not having it!

    people don't think things out before they go on reality shows, normally people go on shows to win money or the chance of becoming famous

    with osten, he never seemed like he wanted to be there from the jump

    now he'll be remembered as the puss who left survivor

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