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Thread: I'm lost on one thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirospasm
    Am I the only one who thinks Trish might be considered a strong player? After all, she was the last one voted out . . .

    After Burton, I think Trish may well be the next strongest player -- both physically and mentally.

    The thing that's going to hurt her chances to get back in the game is the fact that she was only voted out of Drake the night before. Therefore, the ex-Morgan outcasts (Nicole, Skinny Ryan & Lil) haven't had a chance to get to know her. And the ex-Drake outcasts (Burton & Michelle) probably have an understandable grudge against her because she voted them out originally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loveable_cheese
    Teehee, it takes some getting used to. ^_^

    Y'know Roz_city, the idea of an immediate merge directly after makes sense. That way the Outcasts who return have a chance of an alliance with each other. So methinks 'tis a definite possibility.
    Hey, Cheese, welcome!

    I would like 2 of the following to enter the game again:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roz_City
    I have a question though, if the merge does happen at that point, and the 2 outcasts receive a bye in the first TC voting, does that mean that the remaining 8 are the only ones to participate in the individual IC?? Any thoughts??
    Oooh, good question. I would hope that they can't; otherwise that would just really suck for the "originals." The outcasts shouldn't be able to shut them out from that, too. On the other hand, they could make it where if one of the outcasts wins the IC, the other loses it and goes to TC with the rest . . . I doubt that one though.

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    i was reading an article today...Mark said that after the Outcast Tribal Council Jeff puts two buffs (one of each color) in an urn and the two Outcast chosen to come back will take one out of the urn...as far as voting go...i'm sure you guys are right about the you cant vote for yourself rule...i dont really see why the votes should be limited to your own tribal line...i think they might do a Final 2 type situation where each member of the Outcast will have to state why they are worthy of coming back into the game...

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    Considering it's everyone's last chance and there is a million dollars on the line, I wonder how the TC will go. I would assume they will explain why they should be voted back in, but I also wonder if they will comment on each other also? Even if they don't, I wouldn't be surprised to hear some serious lies here. Trish and Lillian were the last out for their respective tribes, so no one else knew what happened that resulted in them being voted out. Those two in particular could say anything and the rest wouldn't know if it was true or not.
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