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Thread: 10/30 Show Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    My husband just said something hilarious: After snuffing out Osten's torch, Jeff should have snapped it over his knee & then threw it down.
    : How classic would that have been?
    That would have been great!
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    Today's episode was one of the best I've seen in a long time!!!!!

    I really can't stand Jon & Osten!!!!

    Reading the messages, I think the choice to boot Shawn was pure genius!!!!
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    Osten sure left a distinct mark in Survivor history by leaving the footprints of a LOSER. Being the first Survivor tribe member to quit the game is probably his way of making sure he gets a place (of shame) in Survivor memory. Itís a unique label alright, but one he can't proudly wear like a badge of honor!
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    I think the Outcasts have to decided at their TC which two of them will rejoin the game; the rest will not be in the game any longer.

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    Haven't read all the posts yet, but I had to put in my 2 cents.

    Rupert really got on my nerves with his childish yelling. This is a game where you're supposed to outlast and OUTWIT the rest. Team mates will eventually turn on you. Deal with it!
    yes, he kissed and made up with Jon, but even that bugged me.

    Osten should be embarrased for throwing in the towel. What a big cry baby!!! Boo-freakin' hoo! I'm glad Jeff point blank asked him why in the world did he signed up for the show. Good riddance!!

    My first thoughts on the outcasts: They don't deserve to come back because they were outfoxed, so why should they get a second chance? BUT I was so rooting for them!!
    And yes, I want that sexy jerk, Burton, to be voted back in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suxie

    Burton to Morgan.
    Trish to Drake.
    I don't think that will happen. Simply because former Morgan's will favor someone of Morgan, and former Drakes will favor someone of Drake. We are also not told how this outcast voting will be executed. I just don't think former Morgan's would be so much in love with any former member of Drake, that they would allow two former Drake's to return to game.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I'll have to agree somewhat about Rupert. His yelling was uncalled for and childish. I hope he doesn't do that everytime something doesn't go his way.
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    Wow, what an episode! Some random thoughts:

    Lost a lot of respect for Rupert tonight. The screaming at Jon was completely over-the-top. But the worst was when he turned around & voted off Shawn. Hell, Rupert wouldn't even still be in the game if Shawn hadn't kept his word the night before at TC. So, this is Shawn's reward? Well, thanks a lot, buddy! Maybe the next time Shawn runs into Rupert, he can scream at him the way Rupert did at Jon.

    The Outcasts returning at the same time as Osten quitting was very dramatic and played out beautifully -- especially with Jeff milking the contrast for everything it was worth. "Tomorrow you'll have a new tribe member who wants to be in this game."

    Burton is a shoo-in for a return, as I think the other Outcasts will "reward" his performance in the challenge with a vote. I hope he comes back as part of Morgan, however, rather than just return to Drake. That would shake up the game a lot. He'd more than make up for the "loss" of Osten (ha, ha), and he would probably be a threat to Andrew's power. Could be interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    ... was Osten seriously ill? I never saw any evidence of that. ... He was probably worried that the muscles he has worked so hard to get would start withering away and all the years of working out and admiring himself in the mirror would be lost. :rolleyes

    You said it so well!
    I go to the gym and have to wait for goons like Osten to share the equipment. But they endure PAIN every day to get their bodies into that kind of shape. For that I give him credit. But for him to complain about his body shutting down?!?!

    He is a coward and should be ashamed that he ever got onto the show. I'm glad that he was NOT voted off when he first begged to be let go. He needed to pay the price for taking someone else's spot on the show. Some more deserving person who would have appreciated the opportunity and worked to SURVIVE.

    If Osten gets any endorsement deals as a result of his appearance on Survivor, I will boycott the sponsor. If he was man enough to stick it out and get voted off with his dignity intact, I would still respect him. As it is, he belongs in the Hall of Shame.


    I've come to feel sympathy for the Morgan tribe. But it's all about Surviving, baby. I think Rupert deserves to win. He would be the only one who COULD survive on his own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer401
    I'll have to agree somewhat about Rupert. His yelling was uncalled for and childish. I hope he doesn't do that everytime something doesn't go his way.
    But that's Rupert's personality so you can't blame the guy. Jon should've been voted out instead of Shawn all he does is shoot swear words everywhere.

    Osten, thanks for sparing everyone else. Even if you are a loser you kept the poeple I loved still in the game longer.

    Shawn goes and Burton returns. That would be a fair trade.

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