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Thread: Something's Not Right....(Spoiler Speculation)

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    3 tribes? Good idea

    How about this, very far fetching but anyway: in reward challenge the winning tribe gets to vote who from the ghost tribe comes in back to game. If you are in ghost tribe, and ghost tribe wins, you can not vote for yourself. This would make it more likely for Lil to come back because she might be viewed as least of a threat by Morgan and Drake and they would vote for her to come back rather than the physical people. Also the tribes merge and first individual IC takes place.

    However this thing plays out, it will be very interesting to see and how the people react.

    Another idea, maybe someone wrote this already: in reward challenge the 3 tribes compete against each other, and whoever wins wins whatever they win. But, in immunity challenge (first individual one at that) there is more at stake for ghost tribe members. If any one person of the ghost tribe would manage to win the immunity, he/she would also earn the right to return to game. This would seem more rightful, since he/she would have proven to be worthy of it against all off Morgan and Drake. This would also explain why this person could not be voted out in first merged tribe council. But, this way it would not be 100% sure that a "ghost" would return to game and it would be exciting to watch.
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    If *ONE* person comes back, I'd be okay with it. BB did it last year and I thought I'd hate it, but it worked out pretty well.

    I like the idea of a tribe winning a former castoff for reward. I also think it's important that all the castoffs compete to be the prize.

    In order for a jury to vote, there has to be a merge. The merge is really something that shouldn't be tampered with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DamonVictor
    if you look really closely at the end of tonight's episode, you will see that one of the challenges from next week has 3 cages: one orange (morgan); one aqua (drake); and one a maroon-ish color.
    Excellent, excellent catch, Damon! I just went back and checked the frame-by-frame (hey, no laughing!) and there's more evidence:

    In addition to the third cage (which is a light purply color), as the two tribes approach with their tribe flags (with their tribe and the pirate flag) there is a third flagpost with a pirate flag flapping in front of them. The frame doesn't go high enough to see if there was a purply tribe flag atop, but I think something big is up!

    I'm actually excited about next week!

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    I'm guessing what probably happens is that if the 'ghost tribe' wins the IM, one of their members gets to be resurrected.

    Perhaps when Jeff said, "anyone's game," he meant that all IM challenges will be individual from here on out.
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    Upon further review, the competition appears to be the RC: they're not carrying the immunity spear/axe/disembodied skull idol

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    Quote Originally Posted by chirospasm
    Because they all spent extra time on the island(s), why not let them all be in the jury?
    hey! who knows? after all, there was something about a different ending compared to the other series.

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    I saw the Maroon cage, too. Here's a pic from Survivorfever.net:

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    Since next week is part one of a two-parter would that imply that it won't end with the traditional tribal council? (maybe that's pretty obvious LOL)

    I think if I were one of these 10 folks, who have been through the wars, I'd be pretty hacked about someone from the outside coming back in to the game.

    Can't wait for next week!


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    They're back...

    If you go to the CBS site, and watch the preview for next week, you see them all coming in carrying their purple flag AND they have Purple Survivor Buffs in the Challange previews... I think your right about the third time... They don't give you a tribe flag and buffs if your just back for one challange!
    Check out the video at:
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    I think that WE will be just as shocked if not moreso, by this twist then the actual Drake and Morgan tribe members. Am I losing my mind or am I onto something tangible here? Come on people think OUTSIDE the box!

    I like all of your scenarios. I'm starting to think there will be three tribes (I hope so). A question - wasn't Survivor on two days a week last year? I love this show and it seems so long between episodes. Seems to me Osten looked more shocked than the others when Jeff said the past will come back to haunt you.
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