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Thread: 10/23 Show Discussion

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    I won't mention it here, in case people are trying to avoid spoilers and spec, but I really hope your choice for ultimate winner is wrong

    Again, noone knows the real winner except MB. And there is no evidence at ALL of the pick going far, the spoiling sites just think she does. There's just no real evidence.

    Good call but you still haven't said where you got this (I saw it many places) or why or if it was a guess. I know you thought Ryano would be out last week
    He just took his info form spoiler sites. Until two days before this episode, Ryan O. was the one who was going to be going this episode. Wasn't till maybe two days ago was there spec on Trish going.

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    omg the look on Jon's face when Trish was voted out was priceless. They are both idiots for turning on Rupert when there was an easy pick of Shawn outside of their allaince. I knew Jon was an idiot but Trish turned out to be one too.

    Speaking of Shawn, what a wuss, he and Osten don't seem to be able to handle the physical stuff. I was impressed with Christi and Andrew, they both went above and beyond the call of duty.

    Ryan O that's all I got to say

    Liking Sandra, good call on running to Christi and Rupert. And Rupert of course is just the guy I love to adore.
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    A big to nlmcp

    I honestly would have loved....LOVED.... if Andrew had asked John, very loudly, if they threw that IC too.

    John should have been gone last night, I wish Sandra would have played up his involvement in the "out Rupert" discussions... of course by the looks of next week it seems as though Jonnie Fairplay will get a piece of Ruperts mind

    Ryan is so cute.
    Osten needs a smack upside the head (and I'm just not a violent person...)
    Rupert, yeah, I still dig him, but Trish had a point, he has a lot of power on BOTH teams. He also seems to screwing up in my opinion. Although I love and agree with everything he says at Tribal Council, it almost seems like political suicide. When he speaks his mind he's really very good at it, can do it in such a way that it seems like it would be wonderful and refreshing in the real world, but this isn't real life, it's survivor. I just want him to be careful.
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    I can't believe a guy with a body like Osten's has such a weak will.

    Jon may have had a point when he started ragging on Shawn, but when he ran away like a little girl I couldn't stop laughing. from 10 feet away: "Shawn, you're lazy!" Run, run, run. From 30 feet away: "You need to work harder!" Run, run, run. From 100 feet away: "You're a wuss!" Run, run, run. You're such a man, Jon.

    Oh, and Jon. Never tell a man with an ego like Andrew's that you threw a challenge.

    Trish, know thy enemy.

    And I have a question about the first competition (luxury I guess). How did the cannons work? I didn't see anyone loading powder, and I didn't see any smoke when they shot them (but I could be wrong). Plus it seems like it would be dangerous to have them actually igniting powder. I'm thinking they were air cannons and the fire was just a prop. Does anyone know how they worked? Great competition though. Would have been better if they could have shot at Jon.

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    My ideal final 4:
    Andrew, Ryan, Rupert, Christa

    So they are probably the next 4 voted out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siso
    On next week's episode

    It's the first of a two-part episode full of surprises and revelations!
    The Survivors thought they were ready for anything. But, when the twist to beat all twists takes them by surprise, they can do little but shudder as they learn the curse of SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS.
    A castaway makes a monumental decision.

    It's a two parter??? Wow, must be really exciting, can't wati!
    I saw that on the CBS web site too, so checked out the TV Guide web site. It shows Survivor only scheduled for one hour on 10/30, so Part 2 must be the next week, 11/6.

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    during Jon's raid at Morgan- did anyone notice that Osten was nowhere in site- especially while jon was bragging that drake threw that one challenge?

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    Yeah, i wondered where he went. Maybe the pelican chased him off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajro62
    during Jon's raid at Morgan- did anyone notice that Osten was nowhere in site- especially while jon was bragging that drake threw that one challenge?

    What's your point?

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    [QUOTE=PIMguy]I can't believe a guy with a body like Osten's has such a weak will. [\QUOTE]

    That's exactly it. He's obviously built up his body for vanity, with no objective of being a strong person. Such a whiny, lazy, weak baby. Morgan must have counted the minutes until the merge and they could stop protecting Osten.

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