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Thread: Standing in the Shadows, Week 5

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    Great job again Shadows. Better and better each week as we learn more about everyone.
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    OMG! Rhino's was hilarious...I dunno if my mind is in the gutter or what, but the last part had me rolling where he talks about Darrah downing that smoothie. I dunno if that was intended to be dirty but I sure took it to be that way.

    I liked Tijuana's a lot and Darrah's of course, but that one takes such a long time to read.

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    Fantastic job, guys! The part that cracks me up the most is the Darrah bit. Love that one!

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    Great job shadows.

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    Great job everyone!
    I had to go against Osten, the buzzed butt guy in the Immunity.
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    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Wonderful bit of writing by everyone.

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    Great Job. Loved all of it.

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    Another wonderful job guys
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    Well done, Shadows!!

    They were all wonderful, but I was especially chuckling at Andrew's, Rupert's, and Darrah's. Shawn's "vote off the cute ones first" strategy was hilarious, too. And I appreciated the tip of the hat to the precap in the Jon shadow. Thanks!

    Very, very funny, guys! Can't wait for the next one!
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    Rhino: Right, so anyway, now that Iím the Morgan master of all things icktheeÖichthyÖfish, I am SO positioned to whomp Andrewís slacking ass into submission. Even though I gotta give props to my dawg Ru-Ru for getting us that badass lead in the RC, I was all OVER sticking the rungs into the holes when we were back on the beach. I hope all you lovely ladies took note of my mad prowess there. Hint, hint. That shower came in handy. Yeah, baby. It came in reeeeeallll handy. Iím hoping Darrah will be the cleanest Survivor chick ever. You men out there noticed the way she was able to down those foul smoothies during the IC, didnít you? Yeah, so did I. Wink wink.

    Darrah: Ah jus' can nawt believe it. Ah won th' immoonity challenge for mah trahb. Crunchin' on that sardine was lahk chewin' on th' bawnes of rilly smawl corpses

    Sandra: Michelle can now enjoy all the fishguts she wants from the comfort of losers lodge

    Rupert: She was a pretty little thing, and she burps more like a pirate than most o' the others in the crew. But it had ta be done. I would of rathered we'd voted out Jon, but another member of the crew pointed out that in another week or two, Balboa will be big enough ta eat 'im. So I'm bidin' me time. Heh, heh, heh.
    Hilarious! Great job, you guys!

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