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Thread: Survivor: Pirate Report (Day 15) - Jonnie Fairplay, Master of His Own Puppet

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    Yeah this game is an awesome social experiment. It has no set standards for kicking people or even winning, and it has always intrigued me to know what standards people try to use to give themselves some sanity in their choices.

    But what's really awesome about this game, is that it's not important what your own standards are for staying in it/winning it, it's what other people's standards are. In other words the very premise of the show forces players to know what the heck their competitors are basing any of their decisions on. It's a completely wild game. Sometimes a jury member won't throw a vote your way because you stabbed them in the back, sometimes they'll throw a vote your way because you stabbed them in the back.

    And so everything is fair play, especially our interpretations of this madness. Finding trends and making predictions becomes very fun
    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy."
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    Great analysis.

    Rupert, as much as I love him, probably will not win it all unless he can win every immunity challenge.

    Osten has long outlived his usefullness.

    But, IMO it would have been better to have ousted Shawn last week instead of Michelle because he is not only stronger than Michelle but it would have broken up that alliance with Jon. The tribe could have taken out Michelle any time. Perhaps Jon is a better player than any of us are willing to admit.

    This week if its Drake, Shawn goes, if it is Morgan, Osten would be the best choice. I think Ryan may finally speak up for Darrah since this will be the last TC before merger.

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    Then he blew it.
    I agree with you here, Bill. Rupert would have been better served by keeping his mouth shut at TC. Why he felt the need to speak up, I'll never know, unless he was asked a direct question about throwing the challenge by Jeff that was lost in editing.
    Most of the time he acts like someone who failed an audition as Spicoliís buddy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and then other times, he asks the best questions.
    Okay, that made me laugh out loud. Right on target, as always.

    When he went to Morgan for the looting, he let Rupert control the conversation. Yes, I know Rupert fans, you feel that Rupert manipulated the situation, but I think Andrew is not quite as easily swayed as some folks in Drake.
    great observation. Remember, Andrew is an attorney - and his negotiation skills may be better than we give him credit for.

    Great report, Bill!

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    Excellent analysis, Bill!

    Well, even the blind squirrel finds a nut now and again, and we got lucky last week, correctly assuming that Michelle was on her way out. Granted, making that prediction was right up there with betting on the sun rising tomorrow, so I can’t take too much credit.
    Considering that many people predicted Drake would win the IC, I think you're entitled to take a bow.

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    Your acumen and predictions are especially helpful, as this is my first season watching Survival. It helps make sense of the politics and strategies going on.

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    Excellent analysis. How sad that Jon IS probably safe, even though next week Shawn is going to tell him to shut up. What a sad thing, but I wouldn't mind seeing Shawn go, though.

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    Great food for thought.

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    Bill, an excellent analysis.

    I also enjoy the "cross examination" that Zaius provides and the way both of you examine the details.

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    Bill, you had me at the title!

    I can help you translate Darah if needed. Great analysis of everyone. You should be on this show!

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    i have a hard time thinking rupert will make it to a merger - it is definitely not a smart move if they bring him along to it. his strength and general practicality - the things that make him an asset when having tribal challenges - make him a threat for individual ones. the smart tribe dumps the strongest member before the merge and that is rupert. as much as i like the guy, i'd vote him out given the opportunity.

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