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Thread: What their luxury items would have been...

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    What their luxury items would have been...

    Since the castaways didn't get to bring their luxury items with them, I thought we could speculate on what they would have, or should have, brought, now that we know them better.

    Michelle - how-to book on acting repulsed

    Rupert - live parrot to sit on his shoulder to complete his pirate theme

    Burton - a mirror so he could admire himself constantly

    Christa - a mirror and razor blade (but not for admiring herself)

    Osten - elastic for his waistband, and an antidote for bleeding lungs

    Darrah - a personality

    Tijuana - a Southern drawl-to-English translation dictionary

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    Osten - his mommy to take care of him

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    Hehe, good topic!

    Michelle - A Seafood Milkshake
    Trish - Spray on Tan in a Bottle
    Darrah - A Translator
    Jon - A Brain
    Shawn - A Heart
    Osten - The Noive
    Lillian - Lighter

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    Osten - jock strap
    Andrew - a Dummies book (any would do)
    Shawn - a picture of his twin brother

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    Rupert - He should of brought a calculator to add up all the cash he is gonna make in endorsements, and personal appearance fee's, when this thing is over.
    Andrew - He should have brought legal forms for Rupert to sign, so that he could be Ruperts lawyer and agent, once again, when this thing is over.
    Jon - Should of brought a Golf Bag, so that he could train as Rupert's golf caddie..when this thing is over
    The Rest - They should have brought a copy of the book "Who stole my Cheese?", so that they could figure out how best to ride the Rupert gravy train when..this thing is over!

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    Christa- a how to book on 101 ways to love others aside from yourself.
    Rupert-a nice sword or hook.
    Osten- underwear that fits
    Ryan-A fishing net
    and the rest of the tribe .. a big bottle of insect repellant.

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    Welcome to The FORT melaniasemail!

    Glad you decided to join us.

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    Between neutrons
    Jon - an "Enough" meter
    The rest - duct tape for Jon's mouth
    Osten - Swimming lessons
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    Burton - Copy of "Beauty and the Beast" since he models himself after the character, Gaston

    Jon - Copy of the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People

    Osten - His security blanket both for warmth and emotional support and "water wings" to help with swimming

    Shawn - Cloak and dagger (for backstabbing people)

    Darrah - A shotgun to make short work of lootin' trespassers

    Rupert - Fancy sarong for TC and other special occasions

    Andrew - Iron-clad contract holding him harmless for any of his tribe's culpabilities

    Sandra - Bottle of Valium for either her or Jon

    Ryan O. - A copy of Machiavelli's The Prince

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    starry night
    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Osten - His security blanket both for warmth and emotional support
    not creative enough to come up with some, but love all of yours!

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