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Thread: Why can't they have more than 1 episode a week?

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    I seriously doubt you'll ever see more than an hour per week for Survivor. So, I'm not sure why this argument is continuing. They aren't just going to add 30 minutes because it's "one of their top 10 shows".

    There's no reason to expand it. An hour is fine per week. Write them a (physical snail mail) letter requesting a DVD if you want to see more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by livin4reality
    Please someone tell me. Its not like they are suffering from lack of material. You know there is tons of stuff that they don't show. I would love for their to be at least 1 extra episode a week. Jeez, even 90min. a week would be great.

    I am suffering from major reality withdrawal. No PHo's, no BB, no TAR...not even a Mole going.
    I'll admit I wish we had more of survivor. It's one thing I like about big brother. Although with big brother if I miss a show I usually don't care whereas with survivor Thursday nights are off limit for any other activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roz_City
    There are 21 hours of primetime slots. Lets say they have 2 hours for the CSI's, 30 minutes for Raymond. 60 minutes for the traditional Survivor, 2 hours for their news magazine type shows. 2 hours for the lame movie of the week thing. That leaves you approximately 13 hours of dreck left. To add 30 minutes to one of their perenial top 10 shows is a no brainer here. If it does'nt work, move it back to an hour. It is not a selfish thing, it is a common sense thing.
    NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO...please, please do not be logical. If they can do 3 a week of BB, 2 hours of PHo's, surely they can skip a football game or a Raymond?

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