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Thread: episodes 5 and 6 theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by YCan'tAngieRead
    I asked this in another thread, but why CAN'T they loot other team's players? That'd be a great twist.

    Well, they can't because the producers say they can't, even though it normally would have the potential to be very interesting. The way this series is going though I think it would mundane and of little effect. Think about how it would most likely play out, and you come to the conclusion that it would most likely be Rupert shuffled from tribe to tribe every other week. He is the one each tribe would most likely "loot" from the other tribe, and he'd become a human ping-pong ball. The thought of this sort of twist only effecting one person seems boring, and not worth attempting.

    Plus I really don't think it's fair to anyone from a strategic point of view. This week Christa stood a good chance of getting voted out. If the votes were closer she might have needed Rupert's vote to stay, and she wouldn't have had it. The game of survivor depends alot on human interaction and alliance building. To lose or get booted because one or more members in your alliance decided it was time to turn on you and boot you is one thing...that's part of the game. To spend time strategizing, building alliances and protecting yourself just to have someone come take you out of the tribe, and mess it up doesn't seem fair...even if it is only for a few days. We have already seen how the unintentional and unpredictable absence of one your alliance members can nearly cost a person a fair chance at staying alive in the competition.

    Others may see it much differently than myself, but this is just my opinion.

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    I agree that this "borrowing" of players is short lived. They might do it one more time just to make it look like they aren't trying to help Morgan too much. If Drake does win the next IC and gets to pick someone, it will be Ryan O, not Darrah. If Morgan wins, it's more fishing lessons from old Rupert.

    This theory of Osten faking to be lame during team IC, then suddenly be a strong player during individual IC just seems so backwards. I don't get it. It would be far better for you to be strong during the team things and maybe get "hurt" right after the merge. (Osten limping, then suddenly walking OK, like the end of Usual Suspects)

    No way Rupert makes it to final 4, he's just too much of a target after the merge. No way little Michelle makes it past Ep 7. She has no allies.

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    I dont think the player-borrowing will happen again. I would bet money that the producers threw that twist in just to 'punish' Drake for throwing the challenge and try and shake things up a bit.

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    Fine, here's my two cents.
    .. Actually it's just my completely made-up theory.

    Ep. 5 Everyone's Hero
    Drake will win reward and they send Jon to do their dirty work. Strangely, Morgan likes his humor as it is a refreshing change from their new day-to-day life. When Jon comes back he tells them of his experience at Morgan. He apparently has said too much information while he was there and on top of that, he didn't even loot what they wanted him too. The rest of the Drake tribe becomes frustrated. While most agree to vote Jon out, some are still gunning for Shawn, even though he has attempted to fit in with the bigger group by voting Burton out at the last TB. Drake loses IC, but no one gets to borrow a player this time. At TB, the vote is split between Jon and Shawn. Ultimately, Jon is voted out this episode.

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    I am so confused by the twists and turns that the Producers throw into this game, I can't even come up with a decent guess as to what is gonna happen this week. I just find it amusing that in one fell swopp, the power changed hands so quickly. Smells like S4 all over again!

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    I don't see Shawn going at all. Don't forget, he voted with the majority to boot Burton. Plus, you can hate Jon, but he is / was the swing vote manipulating three alliances. He is playing a better Survivor game than anyone in the Drake tribe.

    It is Michelle who is alone on the outside in Drake, and Christa hates her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    I don't see Shawn going at all. Don't forget, he voted with the majority to boot Burton. Plus, you can hate Jon, but he is / was the swing vote manipulating three alliances. He is playing a better Survivor game than anyone in the Drake tribe.

    It is Michelle who is alone on the outside in Drake, and Christa hates her.
    True enough. Jon is certainly manipulating votes to flip alliances in his favor. Reminds me of Robb. He might see Shawn and Michelle as outsiders in desperate need of a majority and scoop them up. Plus he is a horn dog so he might have other things in mind. The question is who should he turn against? Not Christa and Rupert! Must be Sandra or Trish. Jon doesn't like Sandra much so I'd have to say she is out next Drake TC. He can force the vote with 4 people now so he really doesn't even have to ask the others although he will try to get as many votes his way just like he did for Burton.

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    I can't see Shawn going either.
    It would make no sense to weaken the tribe fither physically by booting him, plus like Bill says, the fact that he did vote with the majority alliance should ensure his safety.

    My suspicious mind finds it a little to simple that Rupert will simply be handed back to the Drakes before the I.C.
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    I can also see Michelle ousted too if she is just so upset about her Burt that she lashes out and draws attention to herself. (Wasn't there a clip showing Shawn telling a group who he voted for? Maybe right after, Michelle blows up?)It also keeps a boy-girl balance as well as a strong- weak balance to Drake. Both Sandra and Trish are obviously stronger. Darrah doesn't count as she and Rupert seem to be allies.

    Oh, excuse my confusion with Robb and Rob. I meant the original puppetmaster Rob from Thailand of course. :stupid

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    Let's take a little closer look a this ... not too close ... all that unwashed flesh, you know :

    **What we know, or at least think we know ...

    - Rupert will participate with Morgan in the RC.

    - Rupert will return to participate with Drake in the IC.

    - The RC will have no sit-outs bcuz the tribes are now even.

    - Per Previews, one of the challenges involves JP whipping up something less than palatable in a blender.

    **What we don't know ...

    - How strong Rupert's stomach is or for that matter anyone else's .


    In the RC, Morgan will have the physical strength advantage, ... Andrew, RyanO, Osten, AND Rupert. Ti & Darrah are not exactly shrinking violets.

    - Drake has the mental advantage because there are more women ... Trish, Christa, Michelle Sandra although Jon's lack of grey matter may negate this advantantage... :
    Kidding, but Jon is a candidate for screwing-up a team effort.

    - If Morgan win's the RC, I think Andrew will go himself ( or possibly enlist Ti ) because he will want more info than he was able to get from Rupert.

    Loot: They will obviously take something they need and they know about. If the cloth has all been used, the Sewing Machine would be of little use. Taking one of the tarps wouldn't hurt Drake much, and may not be of great need at Morgan because their shelter is okay now. Don't know if they can take all of the bedding material or just one piece ... so maybe they will take Drake's big water jug and let Drake operate with pots.

    If Drake wins the RC ... it's not clear if Rupert will be allowed to share it or participate in the looter or loot decisons.

    I think they may send Christa again or perhaps Jon. Michelle may volunteer to go, but if she does she will attempt to defect in some way.

    Loot: Depends what's happenned with Rupert on board at Morgan, but they really have few choices. The other pot ? Another spear ?

    IC ..

    Now we have Drake having to sit-out 2 members and who these are and the type of challenge makes speculation difficult.

    We don't know if a castaway kidnapping pick will be included this time or if a tribe can pick the same one twice, so again, a hard call.

    If a kidnap is included ...

    If Morgan wins and they can't take Rupert again, they will take Shawn for his physical srength unless Rupert has unwittingly given some insight or wittingly given mis-information.

    If Drake wins, Rupert will participate in the decision, so it may depend on what he has learned in his time in the enemy camp ... and of course, if Drake still trusts him.

    There is a slim chance that Rupert and Andrew will have clicked because Andrew is a lawyer and Rupert works in a system with kids who need lawyers. Taking Andrew would be taking the head ( albeit useless) of the dragon.

    It also may be RyanO, or perhaps Darrah because Rupert may see potential there.

    TC ....

    Morgan -- may boot Andrew if he hasn't been kidnapped. ... Darrah if he has. RyanO stays safe.

    Drake -- I hope this doesn't happen, but Drake might boot Rupert if their trust in him has been compromised. But I think it will be Michelle, who goes if it's a Drake TC. Her bio made her an early favorite of mine but she has disappointed.


    Tonight' show will be VERY interesting and a turning point !!!!
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