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Thread: Episode 10 - "While The Cats Are Away"

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    Well, as John pointed out, this game has nothing to do with reality. And I will add that it is all about perceptions.

    waht I do myself watching these shows is my own little spin controll as in "If I were him/her I would....".

    But John is 100% right. Not kissing ass here but he is. Whether IRL Brian is rich or not means less than the perception that he is in one or more peoples eyes.

    Helen ahh Helen. Man I have seen her now rip on Clay, Ted, Brian over and over, looking for a reason to want to vote against somebody. I love the people who need to jsutify to themselves why they are voting somebody off.

    How many times do these people refer to themselves as family, as in "This is like voting off one of my own family". That is crap. Helen always seems nervous. You watch her confessionals and man she starts talking fast sometimes. The earlier arraognace of Sook Jai means she will stay around. For a minute, after she voted against Ghandia, I liked her, but that lasted untill that night of X-Mass songs.

    So does the video hurt Brian this or any other week? In the short term, maybe, but like I said before, there will be so many opportunities for people to get on eachothers merves that in the end I think that will mean little in terms of the final outcome.

    It had better, since I am rooting for Brian to win. Then again I rooted for Rudy, Colby and Lex, so......


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    I think at this point it is easier mentally for everyone to find a reason to vote someone off.

    Not just in game terms, but in real social standing, these folks want desperately to be in the the "in crowd". Therefore it is far easier to find external reasons to vote someone else out than it is to face up to issues within the tribe.

    That's not necessarily bad either as a strategy.

    I don't know if Helen was looking for a way to use the argument prior to the game beginning, because she tried to peg it on Clay early on, and now Brian. Or if she indeed has some sort of resentment toward perceived wealth.

    But as a strategy, that might be the only approach that can get Brian at this point. He bascially won the final team challenge by himself, and is generally edited to be a good guy around the camp. That's pretty tough to crack, but the CC's Follies video gives Helen the opening to get something going.

    If Jake would shut up long enough to observe, it would be obvious whom to make deals with. After getting hung out to dry by Clay, I hope he will try another strategy.
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