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Thread: Our Interview with Ryan Shoulders

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    Really appreciated the interview. Thank you for your thoughtful responses Ryan. I look forward to reading the rest of the interviews.


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    I think Ryan S. would have made an excellent Big Brother contestant rather than a Survivor contestant. He played more of a mental game and this year it seems like it is much more about the muscles and endurance.
    Thank you for asking (and Ryan S. for answering) the question about whether they had any fish during the time he was there. Why, why, why won't these people fish??? Why aren't they figuring out how to find food? Every time we see the Drake tribe, they are eating, and that's the smart thing to do. At first I thought Drake's spear made the big difference, but I think Rupert would find a way to catch fish no matter what. I think he would whittle a spear or use the net, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayla
    Excellent interview responses, Ryan S. I especially appreciated your comparison of game play to chess. It really is too bad that you didn't remain in the game longer.

    Awesome interview, John and Ryan S.

    John, I noticed some smileys in Ryan's answers. Is that because he answered your questions electronically or did you insert them while transcribing the interview? Just curious.

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    John conducted this interview and all other Survivor interviews through e-mail.
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    Great interview again

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    Wow, what a great interview

    Thanks John and of course Ryan S for taking the time to fully answer these questions.
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    Great interview.

    Ryan S. - if you are reading this - my two friends and I were really rooting for you. You were entertaining and very smart. We enjoyed your insights into everything and agreed with you 100%. I wish you had been given the chance to do better that you deserves, but unfortunately, you were placed with a bunch of Alpha Males that don't know how to get anything done. Good luck in life!

    I really hope that Andrew ends up figuring out how he ruined his tribes chances from day one by playing favorites and only looking at a person from the outside. You would think as an attorney, he would have been better at judging people. I think he ended up getting rid of his two toughest tribemates in Lil and Ryan S. because when pushed came to shove, they would have stayed the course and played the game well. Anyway...that's my thoughts.

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    Great interview! Thanks! I love how much we learn about the other players with these, adds a whole level I was missing before I found this board.

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    Wow......very cool. I liked Ryan. It's a shame he had to go 2nd.

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    Very good interview and keep them coming.

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