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Thread: Lil's Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Well, I am saving some of this for the Pirate Report, but she said that Darrah did indeed do work around the camp, but was (summarizing here) basically clueless.
    Imagine! A clueless mortician???

    I dunno. It boggles the mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    Yep. We all try to meet over there in the same chat room at around 2pm Eastern on Fridays. Just click the logo at the top of this page, and choose the Chat thingymabob.

    That would be 11 a.m. for me! Thanks John!
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    Poo! I forgot all about the chat, silly silly me. Can anyone give me a link to a transcript of the chat or sort or summarize the info, b/c the official site takes a long time to post them up.

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