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Thread: Next Week's Survivor (Episode 4)

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    Next Week's Survivor (Episode 4)

    On The Next Survivor:
    • Andrew and Ryan go in search of a good fishing spot, but instead they find themselves in a dangerous situation: lost in the jungle without water.
    • One tribe recovers a buried treasure. But will it have been worth the search?
    • The Immunity Challenge shocks the tribes with an unexpected reward.
    • Lubricated by whiskey, one Survivor creates a spectacle at a Tribal Council that is not to be missed.

    Here is my interpretation of all this:

    I think it is highly likely that the Drake tribe is the one that will find a treasure, considering that they have been looking for one for some time, and have 2 pieces of the map that hints to its location. Furthermore, they have the chance to find the third piece of map next episode, which would make it all the more easier to find it. The fact that it says "a treasure" instead of "the treasure" could mean it's talking about a different treasure, but I think the wording is purposely being vague.

    Concerning the tribe member "lubricated by whiskey" (I assume that means "inebriated"), I think it is very likely to be a Drake member, and if so, Jon. The reason I think that is that next week's preview shows Drake showing interest in kicking someone, particularly someone that has been bugging them for some time. Chances are that's either Jon and Sandra. Drake is also highly likely to find the treasure next episode, and I'm sure leaving some alcohol in the treasure would be a great way to spice up the game from the producer's point of view.

    Therefore I think it is likely that Drake wins Reward, finds the treasure as hinted in this preview blurb, causing Jon to become even more obnoxious through his consumption of alcohol, heightening Drake's desire to boot him out. I think this would possibly lead to Drake losing the Immunity Challenge either purposely or not. Jon might get a few more swigs in there to console his loss, bringing the "buzz" with him to TC. After being obnoxious one last time at TC, he gets kicked.

    That's a lot of deduction from 4 little lines huh? It's ok, I don't expect to be half right , but I enjoy making these "predictions" anyways. What do you guys think?
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    Those are actually pretty good predictions, Zaius. What could the unexpected reward at the Immunity Challenge be?

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    This does look like a very interesting episode, especially with the preview showing Osten having trouble in the water. Last weeks preview showed the Jon/ Sandra argument and I think that (or another) argument will be important. They can't give us too much info. or we'd know everything and wouldn't watch. For last week it mentioned the two people going off and the rest of the tribe wondering what they were doing, and it didn't affect the show.

    I do like that "a" instead of "the" buried treasure, causing some speculation. I think they've just "hinted" at Jonny Fairplay so far and a few drinks are going to cause some problems at Drake. I have a feeling we're in for some surprises in the coming couple of weeks.
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    I agree with all you said, Zaius. Jon behaving like an idiot while drunk would be entirely in character, based on what we saw from Episode 1.

    What has me curious is the IC reward - what could that be? I have no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo
    I agree with all you said, Zaius. Jon behaving like an idiot while drunk would be entirely in character, based on what we saw from Episode 1.

    What has me curious is the IC reward - what could that be? I have no idea.
    I thinks its too obvious that it would be Jon.....its all in the editing. I think that Morgan will finally win but it will be the Reward Challenge. There was something said in the final episodes about next weeks episode that is not mentioned on the website....something to the affect of "the treasure", something like "a lost treasure being reclaimed or found again".

    This lost or reclaimed treasure could be the one items they could have taken with them to Survivor OR it could be items that they had to cough up into the bags in Episode 1. If that is so, then we should see the bottle of alcohol that Osten gave up come back.

    Meaning, that they will lose Immunity Challenge, which would drive them to drink and show up at Tribal Council drunk........could be Osten. (I hope)

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    Sigh if the official merge does happen... Morgan will have to get themselves back together and win all the immunity challenges... or they'll just go in the merge outnumbered

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    I agree with Zaius. It sounds to me that Drake loses IC and Jon gets drunk. They had alcohol the first episode, maybe they find a bottle the forgot about. Maybe Jon decided to get snockered since they lost. I wouldn't mind it being bye bye Jon.
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    Sounds like the unexpected reward is whiskey.

    Should be a fun episode. Seeing Jon make an ass out of himself should be a hoot; maybe Jeff will yell at him. LOL


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    I'm kind of curious about this, only because I remember Osten having that whiskey and Citron in the first episode.

    Is it possible that the tribes' treasure chests contain the other team's belongings? Or am I reading WAY too much into the word "whiskey"?

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    I think a Drake immunity loss is too obvious. They've never showed which tribe wants to lose on purpose in the preview for the next week. So they want people to assume that Drake loses...

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