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Thread: 10/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Cullen
    I don't think Morgan is short on fires--they're short on winning challenges. The consensus seemed to be that Lil was better in camp, Darah at challenges. So that was an easy choice.
    I completely agree. They made the right decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macktheknife
    I seem to remember that at the last tribal council Andrew, the great fearless leader, promising that first thing the following morning their tribe would be building a better sleeping facility.... Did I miss something? Or was that just one mroe line about pulling together? Sheesh!
    Nah, you didn't miss anything that I saw. Andrew makes a grandiose promise of fixing their shelter first thing in the morning following their second TC. I was really hoping that tonight's episode would have opened with them doing just that since I am almost getting tired of ragging out on Andrew for being such a clueless dope. But, true to form and being the uber-bonehead that he is, no work was done on their shelter!

    And poor Lil was the one who had to pay the price. Her only real hope for surviving TC would have been to approach Darrah (who was also on the bubble) and one more person (Tijuana??) to form an alliance of three. It's obvious where the real tribal problems lay; it's in Morgan's leadership (or, rather, the lack thereof). They needed to target Andrew. And while it would have resulted in a 3-3 tie (largely because I do not think they could have got a 4th tribemate to join their alliance), at least it would have forced a tiebreaker and afforded the tribe a chance at some success. As long as Andrew is at the helm of this tribe, though, they are doomed to be a tribe of two come the merge. I smell a Pagonging!

    On the upside for Morgan, I think Osten showed a lot of heart in the IC. I was very impressed with his performance and, to me, he didn't need to apologize to his tribe for anything. Hanging in as long as he did against a behemoth like Rupert was pretty remarkable.

    The real question is: Will Drake throw the next IC to turf Jon (as was alluded to in the previews for next week's show)?

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    Can the real experts help me out here - what's the record for most consecutive losses in challenges? Jiffy's right, Morgan has a good shot at breaking that record. They are the most disorganized tribe I can ever remember. They're just plain lazy, ill-led, and have absolutely no plan for going anywhere.

    One curious thing about the IC - why did Drake sit out Burton? It didn't hurt them, but I would have thought he'd be there. Still, both Osten and Rupert did well to stay out that long.

    Both Jon and Sandra annoyed me this time around. Jon was a jerk, but Sandra has one hell of a temper. They both need to tone it down a bit.

    And I never seriously thought Darrah was in danger; she's received far too little camera time to be booted this soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronDragon
    It seems that the problem for Morgan lies entirely in its leadership. Andrew was voted leader by the rest of the tribe but has not acted like a leader in any way. Part of the job of leadership is to accept responsibility when things go wrong. Andrew seems to be spending all his time assigning blame for the tribe’s problems rather than trying to do something about them. He spent two episodes blaming skinny Ryan for the tribe’s losses in the challenges and this week organized the rest of the tribe in blaming Lillian for the problems in their camp. He is fortunate that he has Darrah to blame for their next loss but who will he have to blame after that?
    whenever Andrew is on screen i always think what an arrogant man he is, and the personality of a fish (although some of my fish have better personalities) I have no idea why the others seem to follow him as their leader It is one thing for them to want to stay positive in their losing streak, but when will the others throw over their leader for new leadership? when they get down to just two of them left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcrae
    The real question is: Will Drake throw the next IC to turf Jon (as was alluded to in the previews for next week's show)?
    The only way I hope this happens is if they can get a 7-1 vote. I mentioned in my earlier post what I thought of Morgan and Andrew; their ineptitude may help them at some point.

    If Drake loses and is split on the vote, it could cause a permanent split. We have yet to see any real alliances on Drake. Morgan on the other hand already has its pecking order set (instead of fixing their problems). Unless someone like Ryan O. can wake them up, they may go into a merge with fewer people, but stronger ones with a strong alliance.

    Drake is running smoothly now, but any problem will finally force them to look at strategy. I think Jon will become more annoying and should go, but I don't really agree with throwing a challenge. We have all seen the twists that are thrown in like tribe swaps. If you start intentially lowering your numbers, you go from what could be an alliance of 8 to the unknown. The challenges so far have been more confrontational than other years, which could make it harder to ally with someone from the other tribe.
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    Dave Cullen
    The Cult of Andrew baffles me as well. I don't think I would hate him nearly as much if I had not seen his videos, but he is just all talk, no action.

    Leo: I clearly remember one team losing five in a row and thought that was the record, but I'm not one to keep perfect track of these things. I'll await more of an expert.

    (Though Dimples' comments seemed to suggest that might be right: one more loss and they would take the record.)

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    Drake wins again! yey! Though I must admit, I was saddened to see Lill go, she was the only one there I thought deserved to still stay in the game (for Morgan), she's got the determination and the heart to win. I think Morgan made a mistake of voting Andrew as their "leader", he's so arrogant and cocky, he thinks his word is the only one that counts (esp. if you have 3 people who kissed his a** and think he's great). It amuses me that Drake had only 2 or 3 days to get EVERYTHING organized and Morgan's still stays the same unorganized pathetic tribe.

    Did anybody noticed Lill said "yeah right" to Jeff's comment about the tribe "not wanting to let her go"?

    I hope Drake doesn't throw the next IC, but if ever they do, I want to see JON'S name come up 7 times!!! (okay so he needs only 5 but what the heck! )

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    The whole RC was just sad, Osten and his crew mates either know nothing about boats or just don't plain think.

    Sandra and Jon are a bad mix, but of the two I dislike Jon more. He just seems annoying some how.

    Poor Lill, I was sorry to see her go, I did catch her"yeah right" reply to Jeff. At this moment I now dislike everyone at Morgan.

    Still loving Rupert, but I do agree I don't think he is going to be in the final 2. He is too strong and too much of a personality. But he is one big guy with a big heart and he is funny to watch.
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    sigh... when a tribe keeps on losing challenges... you start to feel bad for them and start cheering for them... So... GO MORGAN

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    I agree with whoever said they hope Jon gets 7 votes. I think he will...he confessional basically saying that he would win and Sandra will be gone really bugged me. Famous last words, ya know?
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