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Thread: Survivor: Pirate Report (Day 6) - Morgan in Disarray

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    Great analysis, Bill!

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    I agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Pirate Report (Day 6)
    Morgan in Disarray

    I wish to know if all of you find that the teams have been divided equally in terms of weight and strength. I did some detailed research and find that the drake team has more physical strength on their side than the morgan team. This years show is not very challenging as each week I can make a sure bet that it is drake who is going to win. In terms of last night, it was a sure thing to bet on the Drake team as they had all the strength. Morgan team has had no decent food nor rest. These are the facts.
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    That has been discussed in this thread: were the teams set up equally in the beginning?

    Please join in there. Thanks!
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