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Thread: Standing in the Shadows, Week 2

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    Beautiful job, guys!

    I have to quote a few lines that had me
    Ryan O. - But Andrew is no lion. No sirree Bob. You mess with the rhino, you get the...horn? Well, whatever. Oh damn, gotta go. Andrew's calling. He doesn't like it when I dawdle.

    Shawn- He let out this piercing scream and I thought for a moment that someone must have gotten all up in him the night before.

    Ryan S. - Well, try this little experiment at home and get back to me: take a potato chip and try to push it to the bottom of a swirling hot tub with one finger. Maybe then you can see what I was up against.

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    great job, just reading this is almost like being there and living it out,

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    Hilarious, as always!

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