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Thread: If tribes this season were divided male/female

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    I defintely think that somebody like Tijuana would defintely work better in a mixed gender tribe, as opposed to an all female tribe. But, I thought the same thing about Jenna!
    I think that Jon, would also fair better in a mixed gender tribe, if he was on an all male tribe, he would be the first to go.

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    I think we would have heard more from some of the "silent" survivors (Darrah, Trish, Michelle, etc.) if the tribes were divided male/ female. Some of the people tend to stay out of some arguments if it is the opposite sex or if the oppisite sex is present. I think both the male and female tribes would be physically stronger than the Amazon though.
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    hmm... but I still think Ryan S's fate wouldn't have changed if there were no major events going on...

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