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Thread: were the teams set up equally in the beginning?

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    The difference between the two teams is in the attitude of their strongest members. Osten loses his clothes and wants to go home. Rupert loses his spear tip and starts searching the ocean for it.

    One gives up, the other doesn't.

    When Jeff said before RC that the winning tribe would loot one item, Andrew immediately shook his head expecting to lose, but Rupert grinned expecting to win.

    They are unequal in heart, not strength.

    In past seasons, the challenges have mostly required physical strength and intelligence. This season, because of the pirate theme, swimming and diving are at least as important as muscle power. On Morgan, the strongest swimmers were Ryan O, Darrah and Nicole - they were the first to reach the village. Osten has said that he can't swim, so he is going to be a liability in the aquatic challenges. It won't always be possible to sit him out, especially since Morgan has already lost two members. Both the people that Morgan booted were swimmers, and I think they will pay for this down the road. Lillian is also a swimmer and I hope they hold on to her for this reason.

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    I agree with all the other posts, Morgan would be just as strong if they could get their heads out of their a***s. Totally disorganized, and their leader only knows how to assign blame instead of truly leading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Cutie
    Trish isn't all that old is she? I was thinking she was in her early 30s.

    One day, Morgan might be able to straighten themselves out.
    Trish is 41 or 42

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