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Thread: 9/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    What cracks me up is you don't get pneumonia from being outside!

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    Quote Originally Posted by firegirl
    Has it allready been discussed why Osten didn't vote for himself if he wanted to leave so much??
    He's not allowed to vote for himself... Survivor rule.

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    Are these spots becoming? chompstick's Avatar
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    The whole pneumonia thing... . What a loser!

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    Osten... What a buffoon... Shawn was pretty bad, too... What a puss. I thought Sandra was trying to be very personable with Drake, trying to make a bad situation not so bad for them... What could she have taken? But I don't think they'll hold it against her... It's good she was the first to do it, becaue Jeff said that's the way it will be for every reward challenge. Bye Skinny Ryan! I liked ya, but you were to weak in challenges, which was proven correct in the reward challenge... Oh yeah, what is up Probst's bum? He's always so irritable at Tribal Council, he kept attacking poor Lill.

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    Drake kicked Morgan behind again!

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    I just wanted to point out that "Fuzzy nudity blob" striked again. On Ryan O., again

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    There's a twist, Osten wanted out, campaigned to have himself voted out, begged and whined to get ousted- yet they still kept him... absolutely hilarious! Maybe that's his strategy- reverse Jedi-Mind tricks??

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    That was pretty stupid of them not to vote Osten out. Now I don't feel bad for their constant losing due to their complete idiocy.

    PS - Go Rupert!

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    My biggest surprise: This episode was damn good! I expected to be let down compared to last week, but I wasn't. I think it's because I'm a big Rupert/Drake fan.

    Both Ryans had problems at the reward challenge. That chest seemed really hard to open for both of them. Well nevermind, I don't remember seeing Ryan S. ever actually reach the chest. Maybe it was edited out.

    Sandra's running commentary as she calmly takes their tarp and walks away was classic. "Don't worry guys, you'll pull through this" *YANK* "I'm sure you guys will rebuild this thing in no time" *RIP*.

    Rupert called that hunting tool getting lost before it ever got lost. He shared his misgivings about letting others share, and it happened. The fact he actually did his grid pattern and was succesful says a lot about his determination. As of now, he is my favorite survivor out of all the seasons.

    I loved the immunity challenge, but as you know, I'm a Drake fan. Regarding Osten's intentions to quit, I'm sure it was just his way of whining. That's how he does it: calmly makes his intention to quit known, and offers to help to rebuild the shelter. He doesn't really want to be voted out (if he did, he would have voted for someone other than Ryan S. to increase his own chances of being voted out). In any case, awesome episode - I am looking forward to next episode's clash between Sandra and Jon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primadonna
    1) Rupert is just the guts behind Drake. For Shawn not to care about the importance of the spear is so ignorant. The spear makes the difference between the physical condition of the two tribes.
    2) Osten is reaaallllyyy going overboard with the pneumonia thing. They need to add some MORE psychological tests to the contestant screening.
    I agree with both of your comments, primadonna. And to the FORT!

    I have a few comments about the show:

    1) Yeah, why aren't we seeing Morgan trying to fish? So they don't have a spear. Didn't they buy anything of use to try and gather food? It seems like no one over there has half a clue what to do to survive in the wilderness. And the ones who might know something are afraid of sticking out, so they stay quiet. I am feeling really bad for them, they seem to be suffering alot. No food, no sleep -if they don't make a change soon, there is no way they can hope to win a single challenge.

    2)The reward challenge looked really intense. The trunk looked super heavy when they were carrying it underwater. I didn't think I would like Crista, but I gotta hand it to her, she appears to be working very hard.

    3)Do you think the contestants had any idea that most of them would be nearly naked/in their underwear the whole time?

    Rupert is the man. I am absolutley rooting for him, and I'm loving the pirate theme!
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