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Thread: In 'Survivor,' a Meager Pearl for CBS

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    In 'Survivor,' a Meager Pearl for CBS

    From the Washington Post - I've removed anything not Survivor-related:

    In 'Survivor,' a Meager Pearl for CBS
    By Lisa de Moraes
    Wednesday, September 24, 2003; Page C07

    An early launch for the seventh edition of "Survivor" landed CBS in first place last week -- one week before the official start of the 2003-04 TV season.


    "Survivor: Pearl Islands." More than 21 million watched the latest band of wannabe actors -- this time pretending to be pirates -- begin their 39-day adventure by expelling the masseuse in their group. They are especially stupid pirates. Anyway, though it was the week's most-watched program, "Survivor" drew its smallest opening audience since its very first edition, though only by a couple of million viewers. That probably was owing to Hurricane Isabel hitting the East Coast that night.

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    that washington post person sucks lol oh and they should be nicer.

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    The (Male) Organ tribe was being pretty stupid. Otherwise all facts in the report.

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    Yeah, I suppose that's right TheFlying. I agree.

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