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Thread: Drake or Morgan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddiesleg
    Good analysis Sheela

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    I'm for Morgan, I like all left except Ryan S. The only people I like on Drake are Rupert and Sandra.

    I know I'm really in the minority.
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    I like Drake the best. They understand team work.

    Andrew needs to truly take control and get them together. They have too many cooks and not enough waiters right now.

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    I usually like underdogs -- but Morgan is turning out to be just pathetic.


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    I am all for Drake, they just have the better personalities in their tribe. I am so much for Drake, that I am secrectly rooting for the impossible, and for them to win every single IC It won't happen, but I do not really want any of the Drake gone. Well, maybe Jon, so I let Morgan win once.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Drake is really kicking butt right now. I hope they keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheela
    However, cracks are beginning to appear in their tribe. If Drake goes to TC, I doubt we'll see a unanimous vote
    As of right now, I'm defiantly going with Drake. The only people I like over at Morgan are Lil and Darrah (although this could change since I haven't seen that much of her.)
    I agree with you on the vote at Drake- the only person I think is really safe is Michelle. Some people were annoyed by Shawn and Burton, but they might wait post merge to vote them off because they need their strength. Jon might not be safe, because he too is getting on people's nerves, and I think Drake could do fine without him.

    Trish, being the oldest contestant at the tribe, might seem like a liability when it comes to challenges, but she seems strong and reminds me of a cross between Teresa and Tina.
    Rupert might seem threatening to Shawn and Burton because he's the main provider of food, but he seems like he gets a long with enough people at his tribe so I don't think he has to worry.
    Sandra could get herself in trouble with her attitude (we haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure she's not one to mince words and will have no problem telling you how she feels.) Her spanish helped in getting supplies, but it's not going to help her on the tribe. Christa's the one I'm not sure about. She might be a liablity, and after the comment that Shawn or Burton made to her about not pulling her weight could also hurt her, if that turns out to be true. But again, she doesn't seem to have enough enemies to get kicked off. Looking at the votes, it's possible that Jon, Burton and Shawn will vote one way, while the other may vote another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBfan
    What tribe are you rooting for? Drake or Morgan?

    Drake of course ----- RUPERT
    I am rooting for Morgan and not only because I tend to root for the underdog (lifeling Cub and Bear fan here) but because I drew "Lil" in the office Survivor Pool.

    Now that her buddy Skinny Ryan has been voted off, I fear that Lil is next I am likely to make an early exit from the pot.

    I dont think that the teams were very equally divided from the begginning and Drake always had the advantage.

    I have a feeling that we are going to see one of the earliest reforming of tribes ever.

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    Thus far I am for Drake all the way!

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