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Thread: Drake or Morgan?

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    Definitely Drake at this stage.

    They seem to have their act together at this stage.

    There are a couple of potential ego maniacs there in the shape of Burton and Shawn, but at this point they are doing well.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Good analysis Sheela

    Right now, I'm favoring Drake, only because of Rupert, they have less team members that I like, but they do seem to be working together better than Morgan.

    But you never know about each teams respective strengths when you consider the evil film editors, lol. It certainly looks like Drake has their act together in comparison to Morgan, but other tribes have embraced an early loss and exhibited a "can do" posture that brings them back as competitors.

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    Jughead Jones
    I'm definitely a Drake fan.

    I like everybody on the Drake tribe. The only ones I can stand on Morgan are Lillian and Ryan Shoulders. I think Darrah would be okay too if we SAW MORE OF HER!!!

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    I'm on Morgan's side. While I do like a few of the Drake people (Rupert, Shawn and Michelle,) they're too happy and smiley for me at the moment. I like the drama. Plus Jon and Christa are way too annoying.

    Plus, the Survivors that have grabbed my attention are on Morgan. I've been watching since S1, and I really think Ryan O. is the most attractive male Survivor (IMO) ever. I think it's that whole Irish personality/looks package (no, NOT what he displayed during the first IC!) He's just different than the usual pretty boys.

    Other faves: Darrah (something intriguing, maybe the whole mortician angle,) Andrew (calling Ryan S. out for his supposed slacking at the IC, yet voting for the person causing the most conflict, Nicole) and Ryan S. (underdog and he just seems sweet.)

    Morgan may be unorganized, but I think they'll band together and start winning some RC and IC's. I notice that many people think that Drake has this "game" in the bag. I'm not sure how that can be assumed after only one IC win. Survivor is a very unpredictable game. Remember, there are those "twists" ahead as well. Don't count Morgan out!

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    Drake-mainly because Rupert & Sandra are on this tribe. Hopefully they will vote off Jon & Christa early which will protect R & S for awhile.

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    As much as I love to be in the minority, I agree with most of you and Drake is my favorite tribe.

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    I'm liking Morgan better, oddly i've never really liked the tribes that have gotten along LOL Like Rotu, i've always rooted for the tribe where no-one get's along, and no one works together.

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    Morgan, I think

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    As a tribe I like Drake more, but in a way that's odd because it contains at least 4 members I either outright dislike or feel "suspicious" of. The Ambi-Gay Duo of Burton and Sean can go suck eggs as far as I'm concerned, Jon is the poster child for Black & Decker, and I'm still suspicious of crackhead Christa.

    Morgan is a mess, but I only really dislike 3 of them... so far--Andrew the self-appointed schmuck, Osten Powerless and Tijuana Brass-balls.

    So its hard in a way. I dislike a greater percentage of the "team" I like more. But how can you like Morgan when they are seemingly so incompetent and lame?

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