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Thread: 9/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Dave Cullen
    It was the flimsiest of excuses to get naked. All I heard was "I'm a boring lawyer with a dull pointless life. Sure would be fun to get naked. Hey, that sounds like an excuse to get naked." Just looked stupid.

    I'm all for the nakedness, just think they looked a little silly pretending that was a reason. I prefer candor myself: "Hey, wanna do it naked!" would have endeared them to me.

    It's kind of a weird exhibitionism, too: naked on national TV except you know you're not. Sort of pretend naked for the home audience. Naked in front of a dozen people who will probably see most or all of you cleaning up in the river anyway. (And running around in wet boxers doesn't leave much to the imagination. We got a much better look at what they were packing with their short on.)

    The whole thing just came off as a ballsy move without a lot of balls. Just a missed opportunity.

    (But I did enjoy watching Dimples' reaction. I kept imagining those things getting caught on thorny branches though, or wrung into an axle, and I won't be able to shower with my clothes off for a week.)

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    Dave Cullen
    Quote Originally Posted by Rab
    Now that I think about it, where did they find the time to strip bucknaked in the middle of the competition?
    That's interesting. Wouldn't take long, but seconds can be precious. But weren't they stuck waiting for the Drakes at that point?

    I kept wondering what they did with the shorts. I was too lazy to rewind the tivo--did anyone see? They had their hands full and no waistband to tuck them into. I figured the women ended up having to tuck the nasty things into theirs. Yuck!

    (Not that I would have felt any yuck burdened down with Osten's or Ryan's; I'm just imagining the yuck for them. And I wouldn't go near Andrew's.)

    Hmmmm. Maybe that was Ryan S's job--one man had to remain clothed to bear his comrades' soiled loin cloths. Maybe the part edited out of tribal council was him shouting back to Andrew, "Maybe I could have pushed a little harder if I wasn't recoiling from three sweaty boxers squished against my thigh!"

    Do you think the nudity was why Andrew really had it in for Ryan: because he wouldn't participate in the show of solidarity? Or because he wouldn't carry their drawers?

    Nothing but questions, this show raises.

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    They never showed Nicole and Lill interacting, so what the heck made Nicole think that she could trust her especially after knowing her for only three days?
    Never showed = never happened?

    Now that I think about it, where did they find the time to strip bucknaked in the middle of the competition?
    Was just a 1-2-3...Drop thing. Not like they had a wedding dress to remove or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajro62
    I thought that too about Tiwanda looking and sounding like
    Heidi- nice catch there!
    I thought the exact same thing. I'm glad to see some other people thought this too!

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    FORT Fan Levdrakon's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    I don't have a problem with their getting naked at all, except maybe they made the remaining team members feel uncomfortable not getting naked.

    They were saying "look at us, we're so good looking & cool we can get naked." With the exception of Nicole, and she's gone, I don't get the feeling the remaining team members are the type to be at all impressed by that.

    The lamest part. We don't want Osten to feel embarrassed so we'll take our shorts off. Nevermind we're making five other people on the team embarrassed for leaving their clothes on? And I never got the impression Osten was embarrassed about his shorts falling off anyway. He seems pretty proud of his body.

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    I saw one of the guys put his shorts around his neck (through the hole for the waist) like a necklace. I'm not sure what the other(s) did with their shorts.
    So when they came to the obstacle made of thin logs, did only one team have to take that down while the other team just ran through the now opened barrier? I think they should have had two courses, side by side. After taking down the barrier, your team would be more tired than the team that just ran through, so the team that took down the barrier had to work harder.

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    All I can say is they better figure out a way to get Osten a belt; or come up with something creative like Rupert's skirt! The nude thing is going to get old real fast! p.s. Does he think this 'see my butt hang half out' will improve his chances with Tijuana??!

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    right behind you
    to the two above posts.

    The side by side course would have been so much fairer, and yeah, the nudity gets old fast especially since all we see is a blur.
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    FORT Fan slw52403's Avatar
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    I've bowed out of Survivor the past few season's...just didn't really have the ambition to watch after the 1st episode. HOWEVER....IMHO this is the BEST 1st episode in a loooong time and I am totally hooked again. Yippee! Go Rupert! And Ryan O. is awfully cute.....it just appears as though he's going to turn into an ass very, very soon.

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    Congratulations to Mark Burnett & CBS for a tremendous first episode. The pirate theme is a definite winner.

    I prefer the Drake tribe. How can you not love a tribe named after the great pillager himself, Sir Francis Drake, who played havoc with the Spanish Armada. It would be no contest with him vs Henry Morgan.

    Rupert - is there anyone who dislikes this guy? - the stealing of the opponents shoes for bartering purposes will be a Survivor classic moment.

    Michelle - dig those glasses - in the running for Survivor Sweetheart status, previously only reached by Colleen & Elisabeth

    Darrah - were you even on the show?

    My only negative comment to MB is regards to the male casting. Are Shawn, Burton, Ryan O & Andrew all interchangeable? - more diversity please

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