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Thread: 9/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I thought that too about Tiwanda looking and sounding like
    Heidi- nice catch there!

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    This is my absolute favorite show so far! I can't believe how great this one is allready! This is the first time I have wanted to pull for a "tribe" and I love the Drake team! That rupert is something!

    All I can think of when I hear Tiwanda is the movie Fried Green tomatoes! Oh well go Drake! I hope the Drake team uses some of that bbq sauce and foil to cook this season!

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    Just a couple of thoughts...

    I totally agree with cali and lobeck - I didn't see Ryan S. as whiny at all... and he definitely is on a tribe of idiots.

    Early favourites: Rupert and Sandra. The shoe stealing has to be one of my all time favourite survivor moments. Sandra's ability to speak the language helped, but her ability to relate to people was her true strength. You can speak all the languages in the world, but if you're rude and obnoxious, you aren't going to go far. The fact that she was willing to sacrifice something precious to her for her tribe is admirable.

    The whole "lose the shorts" thing - while I agree it didn't further their efforts at all, it was a show of solidarity, and that can't be all bad.

    I think Drake is definitely more solid, together, and working better as a unit than Morgan. It will be interesting to see if it remains this way.

    I think this was one of the best. episodes. ever!

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    One thing I've noticed on Survivor and that is if they are two African-Americans, they make sure they are on the same team. Wonder why.

    1st - Gervase and Ramona
    2nd - Alicia and Nick
    4th - Vee and Sean
    5th - Ted and Gandhi
    7th - Osten and Tijuana

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    This question gets asked every season but

    Every time someone does something stupid(which I think they set the record last night) I found myself thinking "Have you ever seen the show"!!! You can always count on a couple of the guys proclaiming to be leaders & barking our orders to everyone. Hello!!! you just gauranteed your going to get the boot.

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    I am guessing the cuddling couple could be Osten and Tijuana, Osten said at some point that Tijuana looked like a Nubian Goddess. At least I think Osten will try...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    I am guessing the cuddling couple could be Osten and Tijuana, Osten said at some point that Tijuana looked like a Nubian Goddess. At least I think Osten will try...

    Yup, I viewed the ep for the 2nd time, it was Osten and Tijuana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by droolingovrhim
    I didn't really liked the path of the immunity challenge, there was only room for one team to pass through at a time. There was no way Morgan could catch up in the middle.

    I loved the castaways' reaction to the nudity. Everybody in the Drake tribe stopped working (except for Trish, that woman is hauling arse!), hehe.
    Ive not read all the responses, so excuse me if I repeat. Granted, there was no way for Morgan to overtake Drake, but they also got to just stand there while Drake moved all the rocks and broke down the barrier. Therefore Drake was exhausted by the time they had to sprint to the finish.

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    Well.. This season of survivor is different.. but yet they are not. Give them money to have them buy supply is cool.. I guess.. but I rather see them having start the fire the old fashion way. It is kinda a trandition for Survivor.

    Not much to say.. Rubert is cool.. I guess.. That's about it.
    What's up with the make up for the people this season ?? Most guys are young and buff ? try to attact more 18 -45 female audience ? but yet. .there is nothing for 18 -45 male audience. None of the girls are really hot... and no girl with big silicon breasts. And what's up with only one old guy and one old female ??

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    I dont think the other team even noticed that their dress shoes were missing. Rupert may have been exhausted from the swim but at least he was still thinking.

    The village buying/bartering spree was completely disorganized. Sandra pulled her team through because she could speak spanish but both teams could have done a little planning and brainstorming before sprinting off into the village to buy whatever random crap caught their eye.

    I thought that Nicole was the cuddling girl since the hermit crabs were biting her on the ass (wouldnt mind being one of those crabs myself ).

    Out of curiousity, does anyone know if those wells are artificially filled? I never notice anyone boiling the water but I know I would definitely be leary about drinking water that had been sitting around in a hole in the middle of the jungle.

    Building your shelter under a crumbling rock wall and with no floor?!? Not too smart.

    All in all, a great first episode! The beginning part was the best opening Ive seen for any reality show! Looking forward to more!

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