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Thread: 9/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I really think they've put the zing back in what had become a tired franchise.
    Rupert Rules, I loved the pirating the other teams stuff- brilliant.
    Andrew is Skupining
    I think Christie is still on crack
    Ryan S reminds me of an old Boyfriend , and it wasn't good memories
    WTF is it if one guys pants fall off, you all take off your pants? Is this a frat house?
    Blonde Robb is really annoying
    I like Lil, and Miss I have no underwear deserved to go. What was she expecting?

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    Hey eny---I like your avatar! In fact, the music played tonight during the show reminded me of the music in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Glad one of the "beautiful" people got voted off. One less to pose for Playboy.

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    I've been waiting for weeks since the commercials started showing and BB started slowing down. I think it's going to be a great show this year. I was ready for 2 more episodes already... I'm wondering if it was wise to build a shelter on beach sand. Ya know, the sand got there somehow. It's carried by water.

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    I just sat through an (recorded) hour of that borefest called Temptation Island 3.

    I'm glad to get back and talk about Survivor!
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    Big Brother 10 - Dan, Memphis

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    Brusch said:
    And fellas, keep your pants on when around cannons. You just won't match up.
    ______________________________ _____

    LMAO that is too funny.

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    Two things...

    Okay. First off IMHO, Rupert pulled off the smartest move (not to mention one of the funniest) in Survivor history. By pillaging Morgan's stuff left unattended, he not only gave his tribe a distinct advantage, he also put Morgan at a disadvantage! Not to mention that what he did fell right in line with the whole pirate theme of the game! Hilarious! I absolutely loved that! Way to go, Rupert!

    And I LOVED the "cheeky" reference that the producers slipped in during the IC? "Morgan behind" indeed! My wife and I had a good chuckle about that one!
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    Rubert is AWESOME! He knows how to play this game! Love the pilfering!

    Who the heck was the guy that as soon as they hit the island where the little shopping spree was, went running all around and found the boats, but did NOT have the map or even know where they needed to go and had NO money? LMBO at him!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaZy
    I'm already more into Survivor 7, in the first 20mins, than TI3 (which has been on longer, how sad).
    I feel that same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    Ok, classic scene was during the challenge...naked behind center screen. Words underneath "Morgan behind"
    I noticed that too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I'm a little bummed about Rupert losing his cool next week, in the previews. Who wants to go home on Morgan?
    I'm guessing Ryan S. From the earlier commercials.

    My ox is broken. Colin in TAR5

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