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Thread: Survivor 7 Preview: Fort Writers Speak ~ remaining Morgan Members

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    got to love Ryan Shoulders. Hopefully he makes the top 10 and wins a reward challenge where they bring his favorite actress to the Island. It's my belief reality shows need more porn star camio(hurray for Joe scmoe to bring Tawnie Roberts).

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    Damn! Last night, as Ep. 1 was concluding, I said to my son that Ryan O was my pick to win. Amazing to find out when logging on this evening that Paulie agrees! I think Ryan is cute, lovable, capable, and nice. Everyone will like him. He is non-threatening, but a strong contributor to the tribe. He will fly under the radar until people realize he's somehow in the F4. Then, he will win the jury vote in F2.

    That being said, however, I love Rupert and I have to also root for Andrew as a fellow UC Law alum.

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