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Thread: Survivor 8: All Star Edition

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    Survivor 8 All Star cast list

    This is from a reliable news paper:

    Spoilers for all-star Survivor

    Survivor addicts are a hardy lot. They can subsist on the most meagre supplies of speculation and rumour.

    Right now, the mill is churning out precious grains of gossip on next year's "all-star" edition of CBS's veteran reality series. Survivornews.net reports that Survivor 8 is filming this month in Panama's Pearl Islands again. It also claims to have confirmed 17 of the 18-member cast for the show, each verified by at least three "independent sources." We've arranged the list according to their previous show appearance:

    1: Rudy Boesch, Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Jenna Lewis

    2: Amber Brkich, Alicia Calaway, Colby Donaldson, Jerri Manthey, Tina Wesson

    3: "Big Tom" Buchanan, Lex Van den Berghe, Ethan Zohn

    4: Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Rob Mariano

    5: Shii Ann Huang

    6: Rob Cesternino, Jenna Morasca

    7: Rupert Boneham


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    i'll be glad to see rupert and rob cesternino back!

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    That would be cool to see some of those castaways come back. Still a few I would rather see than others but oh well.

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    Let the countdown begin...1 month to go yAAAAAAAAAY wooooooooo. I'm so siked for this season to begin I can't sleep anymore lol (uh just a little exageration)

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    Well, that's good, because you'd get awfully sleep deprived if you kept that up

    Hmm...is it 28 days left now?

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