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Thread: Survivor 5 eps on kazaa/kazaalite

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    Survivor 5 eps on kazaa/kazaalite

    I am now keeping this seasons episodes on my hard drive, so if you missed any or just want them, search Survivor Thailand. So far I have eps 1,3,5,6, and 7. Usually they hit the net like 3 or 4 days after the episodes air.

    If anybody knows a good mIRC room to d/l, I have lots of bandwidth and it would enable me to put the eps up on kazaalite sooner.

    For those of you without a p2p go to Kazaalite.com and download the version 2. If you have a pre-existing p2p go to controll panel>add remove programs and delete it. When you open the file, there will be a pop up box with options. Choose "Supertrick", it blocks the opop up ads. Restart your pc and happy downloading.


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    Cool, thanks for that.
    We often have people asking whether episodes are available for download.
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    Hi SuperJude welcome to the forum Thats great news , I never think of Kaazaa when reviewing survivor. Do you know whether they have a updated Lite version? Thanks !!!

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    Hiya SuperJude...welcome! Be sure to post in the "Introduce Yourself" thread in the "General Discussion" forum!

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    Originally posted by enygma
    Do you know whether they have a updated Lite version? Thanks !!!
    Yes they do, kazaalite version 2. Of course you still would need to delete your current p2p and download it. Now check this out- with the new versions of kazaa/kazaalite they have a "participation level", meaning the more you upload the more points you get. Kazaalite comes bundled with a nifty little cheat that insures that you will always have the highest participation level. REally worth the d/l.

    Originally posted by lobeck
    Be sure to post in the "Introduce Yourself" thread in the "General Discussion" forum!
    LOL! Thanks but nah. See I admin a vB and have been using them for a while. One of my main online peeves is the "Hi I'm new/leaving/back" type stuff. No need.

    I lurked here for a while just reading things and you seem like a nice site. Not all Survivor message boards are like that. Thing is I posted here cause I want to share files. Seems a lot of people who miss eps don't seem to know they can download it later that night.

    And I will have the entire season available as we go along, so I encourage others to download these files and spread them around so that EVERYBODY gets to see the show. I mean I friggin' love Survivor, and it thrills me that this show is available online. So again, if you can, download the show and share your files.

    Also-there is another facility in the new kazaalite called Sig2Datfigure out how to use it, will allow me or others to actually post a link on a message board to the file on my hard drive. That will be really nifty. When I get that figured, and if people want it, maybe I could post eps that people request?

    Thanks for the hellos and for reading btw. I have read this site for a couple weeks now and I think I'll stick around.

    P.S.- Rooting for Ken, thinking Brian will win, seeing that Penny is really playing the game right. Hmmm.....


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    SuperJude Welcome to the FORT

    Hope you stick around and post through the remainder of Survivor!
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