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Thread: SNN Article - MAJOR Spoilers inside (the BIG twist)

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    I never buy into the conspiracy theories because for example in this case, clearly Rupert is the crowd favorite, but I don't think he will win.

    As for the interviews, stuff does slip out the more Survivors are allowed to talk, for example, at Lil's online interview just after her boot, she let slip that the Morgan's lose six challenges in a row, which of course meant that they would lose the reward challenge last week, which they did.
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    I was also wondering about the last IC, what if Drake would have won, picking a member if the Morgan Tribe really wouldn't have ment anything. So do they do what if....rules. Like If Morgan wins this time their reward will be such and such and if Drake wins their reward will be this thing and this other thing.
    I hope this question make sense.

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    I know with classic gameshows everything is planned to a frightening degree.....but reality shows seem to fall in a grey area. Steve at tvgameshows.net knows a lot about the subject if anybody wants to ask him. Chances are everything is planned with Survivor. If the audience no longer trusts the show, then the franchise is dead =)

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    Why is it Lil that is the older woman that goes far? Isn't Trish an older woman too?
    Because Lillian was voted out premerge...

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