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Thread: Should Survivor take on cast members that are already wealthy ?

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by LG.
    so that you could then form an irrational prejudice against the children of these "hard working" blue collar folks just because they had the good fortune and discipline to get an education and become a doctor or a lawyer? I've read enough lawyer-bashing in this thread, I'm checking out, as I'm at this site to have fun not be personally insulted. No-one here has said that blue collar folks aren't hard working, FD. I think people who work all kinds of jobs are very hardworking. Reality TV shows, however, are often a magnet for people who work "temp" jobs while waiting for their big break in the entertainment industry, which is why I'm frustrated to see so many bartenders / actresses / or anyone brought on the show by a casting agent. No-one said that these people weren't hardworking either, they just have more than the population's average representation of the "waiting to be discovered" population and it's tiring. FD you started the negativity when you said that higher earning folks don't "deserve" to be on reality tv shows because they should be some type of charity rather than a contest. Some people agree with that point, the majority of the posters here have stated that they disagree, but don't for a minute think that white collar professionals as a group (lumped together by you) don't also work hard just because they happen to wear a suit to work. I've stated repeatedly that many attorneys that I know and work with weren't "born lawyers" and have had to save and scrape (as do their "hardworking parents" as you discussed) to be able to afford a professional degree. Paying for it is one tough part, but actually making the grades is another. Even after passing the bar, it's a tough field to get a decent job, especially if you don't have "connections" which most new lawyers do not, and even after getting a good job it's still tough work for 99% of the people in the profession with very little respect from the public. Your posts are evidence of this irrational hatred towards people who have dedicated years of their life to learning about the law. I won't sway your opinion, but I refuse to be called lazy simply because I'm an attorney. That's ludicrous. Why don't you read some books (or rent some movies) to see if you can learn more about what lawyers lives are really like before you make such sweeping generalizations and condemnations.
    Touché LG....my bad for generalizing. That was incorrect of me and I'm sorry if you felt offended. It was not meant to be a personal thing towards you. But I have met too many in your profession who are not the nicest people I've ever met (I have to deal with a lot of them in the U of Miami Alumni Association), and it unfortunately has tainted my view of those who practice law.

    Again my apologies and it was not meant to offend you personally.

    Can we kiss and make up ?

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    I feel really sick that LG's been personally offended. Lawyers, Doctors and other supposedly well paid professionals have to have the stamina to endure many years of schooling. Many of them sacrifice in order to put themselves through school, which is not cheap by any means. Where is the luck in that? If it were that easy there would be more doctors and lawyers, but there aren't because not everyone has that much stamina. People would much prefer to bitch and moan about what crappy jobs they have and how unfairly paid they are rather then get off their butts and DO something about it.
    I agree, and in no way was my intent to offend LG or anyone else. I just have views of how I feel the social fabric of our lives could be better helped by some fairness allowed into our class society.

    Personally I believe all doctors and lawyers should be state employees, with educations paid for by the state, and salaries paid by the state. By freeing doctors and lawyers from the burdens of heavy student loans, then we would see those who are truly interested in practicing law and medicine to HELP OTHERS rather than to just become wealthy.

    These are professions that are and should be regulated by the government. But then again I believe in socialized medicine as well....but that is opening up another panodra's box anyways

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    Foggy Doggy
    Quote Originally Posted by tmcrae
    What spegs said and what I agreed to was that we would rather see people on the show who genuinely wanted to win the game for the sake of competition, not for the money. It really doesn't matter to me what the financial status of any player is as far as I'm concerned. To paraphrase spegs, I would also rather see a poor person who played the game win, than a rich person who had no strategy and lucked into it.

    And as far as your allusions that people posting in this thread are saying that rich people are hard workers while those who are poor are lazy, I certainly did not say that, nor did anyone else. I think a post a while back may have made reference to a wealthy person working hard to gain a "leg up" in life, but it was merely a reply to your insinuation that wealthy people are given advantages through life strictly based on education or social status. No one on this thread ever said that poor people are lazy. Perhaps an apology is in order.
    But many are given that leg up in life....and use it to exploit and hold the majority of those who are poor from advancing into their social strata.

    Example, you won't find many people who hire a maid and encourage her child to become a doctor or lawyer because that would make it uncomfortable for them to think that their maid has a son who is on their par professionally....and even if he did, he would never be accepted into their "social class" because his mother is a maid. Its nice to believe in the egalitarinism of the USA but it doesn't exist and is more like the old European aristocracies than many here wish to believe.

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    I needed to close this thread, because I was about to vote someone off the island, and this discussion no longer falls into "Survivor Discussion" category. It belongs in Current Events, or IrrationalPrejudicesLand, one of the two.

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