We have MANY members, mods, writers, and visitors who enjoy the television show Survivor. It's one of our "big shows", as you can well imagine.

However, many of those people do NOT like to have any part of the show "spoiled" for them in any way.

Therefore, we would like to remind everyone, before the show even starts, to be careful about spoiler information. If it's not shown on TV, then it needs to be in a thread with a vague description, and clearly marked as *Spoilers*.

If you post, for example, in a contestant thread, with something like "yeah, they said over at XXX.com that this person's booted first." I will remove the post, and probably issue a 1-day ban in addition to that.

So, PLEASE be aware of this, and take special care with spoiler material from whatever source you get it from.

Thanks, and enjoy the show (and our interviews after each show!)